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List from the lengthy GP Suzuki continues to impress. They made the top five list. Probably the last four or five rounds. I think but they deserve. It mean they had two straight. Second place finishes for Alex rinse to close out the season podiums and five of the last six races for both factory routers. Combine you know, Suzuki is this close they are nearly ready to join the big three as podium Imre. Swing contenders. Just about every time out. They just have a little bit more to do in the engine department. So they're number four in the list. Rounding on my top five lists from the season finale and Valencia Yamaha tosses their chances out the window again two races to chances for valid. Tina Rossi to take the checkered flag in other one pans out. The upside is at the faster the downside is that they walk away with absolutely nothing to show for him. So the biggest surprise for me in this race definitely channel chew winning the mode with the kid was a blast on Saturday. He celebrated just qualifying if he had won the race. And then come back on Sunday in a field stacked with that much talent. And to beat them. All nobody really saw that one coming. Biggest disappointment for me. He came reasonably close, but Dani Pedrosa could not finish off his career with one more podium. I don't care who you are. That would have been a great story. If after going all season long, not getting on the podium, if you would've come the Valencia in front of all the hometown fans gotten Neo inducted into the hall of fame and then finish things off with that one last top three finish. He tried man. He wasn't too far off. But unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be for me. That was the big. Disappointment. All right. Let's move onto some motive GP news. A one of the biggest stories coming out of the Valenti weekend in between Sunday and Tuesday. When the test started maverick fan y'all is announcing that he was going to change his number. He goes from number twenty five to the number twelve now number twelve have been taken by Thomas Luther Luther, of course is not in a motor GP anymore. So that number was available MAB jumped over to get if he said it was number used when he was growing up, and it was a way for him to start over again. And of course, a way for him to sell a lot more merch. So I'm sure that Yamaha and complaining too much about the number changes. Specially if he takes off with the new number the way he did when he first came to the Amaha and after the first test session he's trying we'll have to see if it translates to better lock and more wins next season more success next.

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