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It. That's definitely present. That's wild. Yes. Is amazing. Thank you so much for coming in today. Thank you so much Francis. It was really better. Hey, give you is the CEO of muscian data. Now, are you using airborne co-ord- Masa or just the Masa? Flour called mistaken can find in the grocery store. We have a great recipe for fresh tortillas. You can make it home from the chef Alex Deepak, you can find that on splendid table dot org. Coming up. Here. You are with this beautiful sauce chili sauce with tomatoes, garlic and chicken, and you've got a tray full of tortilla chips that you've made and this will feel strange if you've never done it before. But you need to drop those chips into the SaaS and stir them in that's Tucker Shaw on the best reason to turn your chips Saudi Sheila Cuba's, I'm Francis lamb. And this is the splendid table from APM American public media. Next time on the New Yorker radio hour, author and activist Janet mock on growing up transgender in Hawaii. The fact that, you know, the department of education hired a trans woman like my everyday life was changed and shifted. I didn't have to look to law and order or pet detective or silence of the lab. Trans people represented Janet mock Dick's time on the New Yorker radio hour tonight at seven on ninety three point nine FM WNYC. On January eighth more than one million Florida felons can officially registered to vote. My biggest concern is I don't want seven supervisors of election coming up with their own way to the holiday this person eligible, but is the state ready to roll out the law that voters passed in November, I'm tansy Nevada. And that's next time on the takeaway, weekday afternoons at three on ninety three point nine FM. This is the splendid table from APM American public media the show for curious cooks and eaters Francis lamb. Thank you. When I was in high school in suburban New Jersey my cousin,.

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