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Get a sneak peek of the brand new beautiful interiors at their website odyssey, cruises dot com. It's odi. Y. S. E Y, cruises dot com. Hey, what's up? It's rally from the Cain show. I just left newly remodeled hers, Kia and took the all new twenty twenty Kia. Soul for a spin you go. Check it out, and make sure you tell them Riley sent you. Taste the legendary flavor of the double our bar burger net. Lloyd Rogers were talking full quarter pound and to that American cheese, then top at all with sliced and seared Smithfield AM, but hold on partner, you're not done yet. Head out to the fixings bar. Put your own brand down. It's the quarter pound double are bar bird Polian. Roy rogers. Oh a cut above. Join GD IT and own career of possibilities. Apply now at GD I t dot com slash careers. DDAT is an equal opportunity employer. Disability veteran. Great beds. No bull. That is the original mattress factory difference. Our mattresses are designed with the highest quality materials and are hand built in our local employees owned factories all for hundreds, less than mainstream mattress. Brands sound too good to be true. Stop by your local factory for a personal tour and see how your favorite bed is made from beginning to end. Or you can check out any of our stores or visit original mattress dot com to find out what the ohm f- difference is all about far plant closes down, it will close down entire community. All.

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