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Cheddar ruffles no but the idea that the just again it is literally the texture of that slimy onion that i can't get over and i wish i could and i just can't mean this is i think as far as food texture like always stirs or whatever sure there all eat oyster really because then i love because the mixture of there's an place up in tamales bay called hog island stor in i highly recommend if you guys are ever and he won't because he doesn't leave nick will never experience this mitch if you go up like pass point race there's like kind of in the tamales bay there it's just it is so you shuck it yourself you sitting outside this minuet sauce and all the the reds the cocktail sauce it is you're sitting outside there's the bay right there it is just beautiful and it's hands on and it's just i don't know to me is like an experience the whole ocean together you i should do it together the guy who worked there was like a fan of dodd cass fan he's like i love dumb people town i was like no maybe he would love the doubles that sounds like a great life great after noon i'll do it derive we'll drive up their hearts little farther than just an afternoon but i mean whatever you can get up there out we'll take a break we'll be back with bordeaux boys welcome back to doboy yeah we were the sklar brothers talking tgi fridays this week why is this the chain you guys wanted to talk about well there was a tgi fridays there's so many reasons.

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