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At toward to an ideal best i think which is fine dining and so if who finally made that complete in transition and and we're really really really close to know where i want to be i mean we've got a little bit more ways to go but defeated stare the menus their my service staff was absolutely incredible world class yeah out there and they're they're in a class by themselves i don't know how i got so lucky that date like working with me but and so we're going out working out really well and slowly but surely as i rummage through all of our wonderful consignment enter stars and est options on finding the right to core for the inside tears so we're getting there but i really think we've made a huge transformation and they try a sitter coming intercept aren't definitely saying that that it's really don't pretty happy with that get there impressed i know that my has been and i come in and and dion at least once a month if not yeah you guys are seemingly that change every time you come an absolutely and the dining is and be on to words but the diner is here in their conversations and each but i can see in their face obviously with you being in the kitchen you don't always get to see that side of things and being your friend am an and colleague in some ways you know i just somali still proud knowing that that talent that berra's if katie wagner man silenced people and people are actually asked me they like to great you you on the blister and i say yeah i till because i'm really excited about it you know it's really reindl aced out to build a project especially something you love and and i do love this restaurant that didn't even sunday i was talking to somebody and i said you actually kirk in the kitchen i'm like will yeah what else could i be to look at it yeah i think les back there putting year fade together after you order and i mean one of the things that people do you need to know understand it housley appreciate is said to week and none of your fears cut beef out of time you know literally we're pretty or fade.

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