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Monetize it. And collect you know, the revenue stream and deposited into a Bank. You can't do that. If the huge headwind. You know, look based on what's happening in Canada. Do our prospects for legalisation the US better than they've ever been. Yeah. I think they are going to take time. I think I think the response again circle back, I think all three is trying to figure out. Okay. What can I do in the near term something that hasn't been reported much? Chris under reported Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is backing the legalisation of ham. Of course, he's done. So since two thousand thirteen but he's trying to squeeze it into the year end spending Bill and that could that could. I mean, you're talking CBD oil everything else that goes along with that. So that could. That's that could bring a lot to the forefront. They're all right. The juniper juniper lot out it's drawing mixed reviews. I know you I know you had one yesterday I had one a couple of days ago. It. Starbucks new holiday drink. What are your thoughts on it? It's not quite a milkshake. It's not a Frappuccino. So I like that. Yeah. I mean, it's. It was fine. It wasn't anything is it like the. Remember like the pumpkin spice latte or some of the other. What I call literally cracks during. It's not quite that caliber. But is it a little different? Yeah. Is it worth the premium price? Maybe not. Well, I I compared mine too little too close to gin and tonic. I like my gin and tonic. My sapphire and tonic to be separate from my. I know I know. But here's the thing. You know, you're out in California where it's still probably degrees outside of the window with huge wind, and it's probably about thirty to thirty does not work. Oh. It's I think it's about forty nine here right now. Blustery and raining. But yeah, I feel you now if they come up with a drink tape like bullet bourbon that might be interesting this time of year. There you go Irish coffees the answer, Chris Irish coffee all the time here in the winter. I drink them every day during the show, Chris we appreciate your time. As always, my friend. Thank you. All right. Have a good week off. That's crisper says he joins us each Monday.

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