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The sports leader here we go out to the last half of the fifth inning the giants had four to three as chris stratton who does the work with a lead for the first time that i the cubs at the top of their batting order coming up starting with ben zobrist switch hitter batting left handed and he takes a first pitch fastball in there for a called strike the giants four runs and six hits the cubs three runs on four hits comes have hit a couple of home runs against stratton he throws in the dirt with a curveball we cannot see into the bullpens here we can only ever know if there's somebody warming up in the bullpen if they show it on the television monitor now the one one pitch swing and a miss strike to a good slider australia's ahead of zubrus wanted to struck out looking in the first inning and fouled out to the right fielder maceachin them in an excellent play right along the side wall in the right field corner back in the third now he's and a fly ball into shallow satterfield out goes crawford backpedaling and makes the catch i don't think gore cakes pernet is gonna be able to get there in time but crawford broke immediately he was glenn right behind second base to begin with so admitted that much easier for crawford one away and here's kyle schwartz right now john huston little kid at the picnic that catches everything.

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