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I'm Richard can to two of the Louisville police detectives involved in the shooting death in March of paramedic Briana Taylor stand to lose their jobs. They've been handed pre termination letters. Although the shooting didn't result in criminal charges, two detectives are now facing termination from their jobs. One shot Taylor, the other prepared the search warrants that led to the incident after all the protests over the failure to indict officers over Taylor's shooting. Possible termination of two detectives. Jobs will be cheered by some, but attacked is too little too late by other ABC News legal analyst Royal Oaks the House of Representatives has lost its first member to covert 41 year old Republican congressman elect Loot let low of Louisiana elected just this month was to take his seat next month. President elect Biden is chastising the outgoing administration for not coming through on its promise of 20 million Americans vaccinated by the end of the year face the vaccine. The vaccination program is moving now. As if you continue to move. It is now. It's gonna take years, not months to vaccinate the American people. It will be turning to Congress early in the new year. Congress provides the funding. We'd be able to meet this incredible goal. Would take ramping up 5 to 6 times the current pace to one million shot Today, health experts suspected the more contagious but not more severe covert mutation that started in Britain was already in the U S. Now it's been confirmed in Colorado, a man in his twenties who has no travel history, suggesting it is spreading in the community because the man had not been to the UK or it appears anywhere else. He's in isolation right now. ABC Zelig Stone He spent 30 years in federal Prison for spying for Israel. Former U S. Navy analyst Jonathan Pollard and his wife have arrived in Israel's been confirmed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Pollard's five year after released parole ended in November. You're listening to ABC news. 22.

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