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Covert nineteen welcome to the savage nation there are so many things that are emerging some you know some you don't know your jaded you're dying to get back to work we actually see that the Democratic Party is the Communist Party USA as I've been telling you for years they may smile at you they may speak in quiet words they may look like your neighbor but make no mistake about it the Democrat party today as evidenced by what they are doing to entire states is the Communist Party USA there's no distinction so what am I saying everyone should go back to work all the school should be reopened not at all no lock down New York City locked down the cesspools of New York City put the homeless where they belong not in luxury hotels yes indeed there are things that should be done that makes sense but when you have a governor Cuomo who's never enjoyed such popularity because of his phony meatball and spaghetti talk now he wants to date women everything is a joke to him but is it a joke to tell kids you're not going to go back to school I could see doing it in crowded areas of New York City but why are they punishing everyone in upstate New York and by the way in California the same thing holds true there are counties in California which have zero or no cases of this who who will hunt virus why are they being treated the same as homeless shelters in San Francisco and Oakland are in LA because one size fits all and communism that's what I've been trying to tell you now as I speak to you today fellow citizens there are multiple rallies going on in the state of California including one live one up in Sacramento being run by an old friend of mine from KSFO Melanie Morgan and other people I hear there are thousands of people up there and there are buses up there we may hear from them shortly but first I want to tell you about important story an important story which is the outcome of the disease from this Han virus if you get it there are various things you can do to change the course of the of the of a viral attack you heard of some of them vitamin C. I've told you about it you all know about that you're all experts now on vitamin C. although you don't know how much to take and you don't know what we mean by taking vitamin C. and you don't know what the appeal has any vitamin C. in it but okay vitamin C. is saying but you don't know about what I'm about to tell you so I get an email last night from a friend in the media who says this is for savage link identified between dietary selenium an outcome of covert nineteen disease published April thirtieth twenty twenty it's a legitimate international team of researchers done led by professor Margaret Raymond at the university of sorry and they found the difference in the cure rates and regional selenium status in China now right away when you hear the word Chinese states a phony study but it isn't because they investigate a possible link between selenium levels in the body and cure or death rates of those with covert nineteen virus in China China has nothing to gain or lose by this study incidently nothing whatsoever they're not peddling of axing because before the show was over I will give you a list of foods that are rich in selenium because I wrote about this many years ago so I get this that this email last night and I said of course I know about selenium I said to myself because I wrote about it in nineteen eighty three in my book the skeptical nutritionist why because it was well known the selenium stimulated the immune system we all know that apparently it's been forgotten by medicine but apparently selling him which is an essential trace element it is not a mineral not a vitamin essential trace elements it affects the severity of many viral diseases in animals and humans for example we knew back in the days of HIV we know that HOAs been shown to be important factor factor in the progression of the virus to aids and death from the condition and there are populations in China that have both the lowest and highest selenium status in the world meaning owing to geographical differences in the soil with Salinas found in the crops that are grown that affects how much of the trace element gets into the food chain so in China they had the lowest and highest selenium status areas to study and they did study and they looked into it and examined data from provinces and municipalities with more than two hundred cases of the disease as cities with more than four forty cases and they found that areas with high levels of selenium high levels high levels were more likely to recover from the virus okay now what's out here because something you should know high levels of selenium can be toxic there's a very fine and thin line between adequate height and toxic and selenium I know a lot about this because I remember in the eighties I was a clinical nutritionist and when Salim came up people overdosed on it and things happen to them so I see this study link between dietary selenium an outcome of cover nineteen disease and I remember something I remember a quote and here's the quote and I he knows the horse's hooves fell off came right back to main memory is flawless at I. inotes A. I. N. O. S. the horse's hooves fell off that was written in Marco polo's journals at I. inotes the horses host fell off they didn't know why the horse's hooves fell off when they stop their March and they came to this region of Greece and they put the horses out to eat the grass the horse's hooves fell off no one knew why well centuries later someone went there and studied the soil and I you know as Greece and they found out that the soil in the inotes Greece was very very high in selenium and that my friends is what you need to understand there's an optimal amount a low amount and it too much amount right so it's a very important finding a significant link between selenium status and covert nineteen curate you have to understand how to get the Selena it's a very compelling finding and you can get your selenium from foods that's important to remember because too much selenium what's going to happen ladies and gentlemen fellow citizens of the savage nation you hoes won't fall out unless you're a Democrat you're a Democrat you hopes will fall out but if you're a normal fellow citizen you your herbs won't fall out with too much selenium your hair will fall out your nails will loosen and fall out and I knew this is a clinical nutritionist because people dealing on too much selenium and the hair was falling out right so where do you get your selenium from well stay tuned I've got a great you're a little bit more and I'll give you the US food sources that you can get your selenium from at relies on it to work fight infection and it depends by the way the amount of Selena found in foods depends upon again the amount of selenium in the soil with the food was grown right rain evaporation pesticides in PH levels all affect selenium levels in the soil and that makes selenium deficiency common in certain parts of the world incidentally well how much Salim do you need where you gonna get a from an foods outside of that a little later on the savage nation at I. inotes the horse's hooves fell off Marco Polo grease remember writing that in my book the skeptical nutritionist in nineteen eighty three what else is in the news well California has released a detailed list of outdoor activities that are permitted that's right now how the bureaucrats figured out what is permitted and what isn't I really don't understand you can play badminton by yourself but not with someone else how do you do that Jim how do you play badminton by yourself you can throw a baseball or softball but not not with someone else you can go on a BMX bike you can canoe along you can cram alone you can cycle you can explore rock pools I'm not making any of this up this is what the bureaucrats in Sacramento came up with these dim wits these morons sitting up there working for the governor Nancy figured out that you can garden but not in groups you can golf alone but you can't have a cart now why can't you have a cart tell me why you can't have a car but you can golf which more on a sacrament of figure that out well the more honest Sacramento figure that out please call the savage nation why do you permit golfing but no cars can you explain that you can ride a horse single you can jog and run according to the fascist around the state you can kiteboarding kite surf you can meditate if you live in mill valley you can practice outdoor photography I don't know about indoor photography but it says outdoor photography is allowed Jim does that mean indoor photography you need a permit you can have a picnic according to the network to run the state of California with your stay at home household members on how they gonna know if the person at the table with you if you stay at home household member you can rock climb you can roller skate you can rollerblade you can roll by yourself not with two people you can scooter but not in Griffith you can skate board but not in groups you can practice soft martial arts but not not hard martial arts now you understand how these morons figure this out what they try to do is the ball the state of California so you can't practice karate but a good practice martial arts like tai chi yeah this soft martial arts reliable hard martial arts aren't according to the morons in the state of California table tennis singles that means what you bounce a ping pong ball against the wall you can throw them out now listen to this I cannot tell you I'm not making this up you can throw and catch an American mini football American many football that's what Nancy and sacramental told told Gloria and Sacramento some two morons probably from university of California system who studied at the public health or manual you couldn't throwing catching American mini football a frisbee but not a real football trail running allowed trampolining allowed tree climbing is allowed as an act that's sweet make sure you have long fingernails for that volley ball singles it says you can walk the dog the fact she's the say you can walk a dog wash the car well I'm not gonna make the right list of the last two that you're allowed to do in California you're allowed according to the edict of the communists around the state to watch the sunrise or sunset what if you want to sit on the cliff and watch the ocean not permitted but you're allowed to watch the sunrise or sunset probably you're gonna have a permit in the near future that you have to pay for and of course for those who live in mill valley and Berkeley you can practice yoga because it's in middle eastern or far eastern are some sort of quite as our religion so there's your release of detailed list of outdoor activities allowed during the shutdown in the state of California.

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