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Let's Jagmeet Singh next who I will say I think doesn't what part of the spectrum that you sit on he was probably the funniest tonight he had really good one line he has some really good one liners we WANNA do that again Mr Scherr thank you Mr Missing Pardon me Mr Scherr over deal I dunno people giving me mix up Tories Turban on purpose today what does it it was it was it was it was nice to watch seemed quite comfortable but unlike Trudeau oh he does not have four years of leadership to run on what was he pitching Canadians tonight and how did he do I think if he pitched anything successfully tonight it was himself I I know there's a lot of other things specifically that has platform gets into I don't know if that was necessarily the strongest part of his performance Canadia he has ideas there he has positions on things there was nothing new again that he offered today that we hadn't heard dental care armageddon or tax the rich to pay for it the fortunes of over twenty million dollars we're GONNA ask them to pay a little bit more yes we think they should very critical of the liberals on indigenous issues he wanted to fight hard to keep snc went out of the courts but he's GonNa drag indigenous kids to court that is wrong yeah positions he's articulated before in he did so confidently tonight I thought the thing that really set him apart from the crowd tonight was his disposition his level of comfort and almost an ability that the others didn't have tonight to be human and natural and stuff to ask questions front of big crowds and thanks for doing that I mean Mr Verde after hearing what was just said you could have just said hey messed up because those are pretty horrible tweets that you made in that's I don't mean that as like a very specific criticism of the other people like I could not imagine being in their shoes for sure Ashley when the stakes are as high as they are for just drew Andrew Scheer but there is something to be said for the way in which he has conducted himself throughout this campaign so far fact polling when it's just about his own numbers bears that out he has momentum behind him it hasn't yet translated to the party as full and I don't know maybe we that that is still to happen maybe takes a bit longer to take hold but like for the expectations that he face coming into this campaign even into this debate or Larry last week has he has I think you can you can say that he has outperformed them and I think that translated tonight he like you said he had those one liners he was relaxed he seemed very knowledgeable about his own position and like had the ability to make jokes rate and land those one liners and seem yeah humidity's speaking of he probably have the one liner of the night when cheer and pseudo arguing over climate change he he just basically stopped and said look you do not need to choose between Mr Delay Mr deny there is another option there is another option out there but he did have a very tough question to contend with from just introduced bill. twenty-one the bill act prevents public service workers from wearing religious symbols like his jabs in turbans on the job the federal government under you would not intervene in the question of Bill Twenty one in Quebec it's a question where yes it's awkward politically because as Mr Blanchette says it is very popular I will say although Mr just hedging of the question was really funny like I'm the only person who might do something I don't even know what that means how do you think Mr Singh handled you know basically an accusation that he's not GonNa do anything so I think if anything tempers the results of his performance tonight and basically every question he received in his scrum was around Bill twenty-one exactly as you described it Mr frame the question and was very pointed towards Mr Saying saying you know I'm the only one who's going to do anything and to a degree I guess that's a bit true but none of them are really doing anything nobody wants to intervene in this thing Wien legally and as you and I have talked about many times you know the MVP is facing like a potential wipeout in Quebec and they have a lot of seats that they could lose their saying is taking the position he is is because his caucus has insisted that he ends right like he's listening to his caucus they're saying please do not say that you're going to intervene so AH lots in the air for for Mr Singing and EP in Quebec.

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