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Tragically lost his life they do need another pass rusher their short deposition it's a tough spot for jason light in the front office to be in i would imagine that they'll be mining the bottom of the free agent barrel there and hoping it they find a steal there to go along with no spence that can apply some pressure but jonathan it's not going to be an easy task the buccaneers have a lot of work to do in that area flew question about pass rushers to a question about quarterbacks we go to this with meal june do you you've arizona carnal drafting a quarterback and and a photograph this year or do you even tiny marquee for user quarterback yet lather both teams that listen i they're really two more key quarterback free agents right now we've got kirklands and we've got case kinam and i think that that teams in play for cousins or the jets the vikings and the broncos and if cousins doesn't go to minnesota than i think keno goes back there but of causes go to minnesota than that leaves keen him to leave and i just don't see arizona figuring in right now with either of them may be keen them may be keno medelci arizona in on cousins i could see arizona going for a player like sam bradford coming up with an incentive laden contract and then drafting a guy oh no matter what they do and free agency and i don't think they get kirk 'cause i think they draft a quarterback that they begin to develop and so now you're in a situation where who's gonna be there guy maybe they're the team that knocks on the door for tyron taylor and buffalo a look they're going to get some type of veteran out there and i think they're going to be drafting somebody no matter what but there also in the middle around they want some games into the year which set them pack there so it can be tough to get one of these toprated guys again just like the bucks are gonna have a hard time finding pass rusher the cardinals ernie challenging spot in terms of funding a quarterback james free agency in the draft still several weeks away that means there's plenty.

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