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He's basically irresistible to people for the same reason. You can pretty much only work at a carnival. He is not going to prove or disprove about himself or to himself. He has no shame. It's cool, bro. I'm woke. Now. Here's your host, Ryan Kaufman. Is there a football game this week? I can hardly tell because our lives have been wrapped up with this. Nolan are not a trade and I told you yesterday We would continue to talk about it because at some point, Dick Monfort and Jeff Bright Ege would speak and speak. They did today, boy, did they say a lot of words? Lot of words over the course of about an hour. Earlier today. And there is one thing. Above all else. That the Rockies and Dick Monfort I want you to know. If I had my brothers, I would rather have Nolan Aaron Otto, but it was no lynch choice. He wanted to move on. And you know, I I've speculated over the last year. What? Why? On dive talk to Nolan a lot about it over the last year, but The fact remains that I think he just felt it was time for him to Seo. Try something else out. This is all on Nolan Dick Monfort. Over and over again. Today reiterated that it was not the Rockies intention. It has nothing to do with the pandemic. It has nothing to do with his relationship with Jeff Bride H or the promises the organization made him and then did not follow through on. Nolan wanted a change of scenery. But then That's kind of weird that he said that because Um as Maybe Dick Monfort is not aware of No. One ARN Otto spoke. Today because he had his own. Zoom. And listen to what he said when asked about his relationship with the Rockies, and whether the souring of that led to him wanting out everything shipped. The rocks is just fine. You know, I think Listen, I'm gonna speak here and talk about The bad things. There's no There's no bad things. It was great. I had a great time in Colorado. I loved it there. You know, Like I said, I did the best I could. There have no regrets. You know, I just didn't work out. The last few years has been tough and Context. Like I said, there's a good big move. That's just part of this part of the game, unfortunately, but it is what it is. And I couldn't be happier to join this team. But, you know, Yeah, the last few years I've were tough in Colorado. Um and, uh, you know, You know, I'm not really part of the team anymore, and I don't have a whole lot to say about where they're headed and where they're not. You know, I just know that I'm joining a great team and I did the best I could there and just keep it moving. So I don't know a little cryptic, a little evasive admittedly from Nolan or not know when it comes to the Colorado Rockies. Doesn't totally sound to me. Like he demanded to leave. Doesn't sound like he was somebody who was overall, extremely unhappy with the team to the point that he would hold his opt out, which he did not give himself Jeff Bright Ege put it in the contract. Doesn't sound like Nolan are nado. Was 100% dead set. I'm leaving. Maybe he's lying. Maybe Dick Monfort and Jeff brought it. You're telling the truth. I'll let you decide whose side of this you're going to be on. I get paid to give opinions. I'll give my opinions and I'll just tell you That I do not believe a word. That came out of either Dick Monfort or Jeff? Brightest his mouth today, not a word. Jeff Bride, Ege. Was asked What led to this How could this have happened that just two years after signing Nolan are not O to a lifetime contract. That he could be now a member of the ST Louis Cardinals and Oh, by the way. The ST Louis Cardinals per the trade agreement will not have to pay no one are not owe a dime this season. The Rockies are trading No one are not. Oh, To the cardinals, who are going to get no one are not a services in 2021 for nothing. For free. Here's Jeff Bright Ege. On how things have come to this overtime. Sometimes relationships change. And this is not an easy necessarily an easy industry to be in people are competitive. Hand and human beings change over time. Our feelings? Um what's important to us on And you know it. It's Zanotto always a straight line, and it's not always simple, and it's not always easy, but I think my point is that at the base of all of this, this relationship was Uh, a strong belief that I've always had a Nolan ever since I first got to know. But that's not the issue. The issue is not what you think of Nolan are not of the baseball player. We know you think he's a good player. We all think he's a good player. We are everyone. Leaves that Nolan are not always a great player and that the Rocky should have signed him up to the long term deal. That's not in question here..

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