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Of his deliberations Patrick joined former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg who announced last week that he's also considering a run from the Rocky Mountains to New England people dealing with below normal temperatures and snow this man's in Chicago feels too early for snow it sees I've been here six years I've never experienced winter coming sorely snowfall totals could reach up to a foot or more in some areas of Indiana Michigan in Vermont that's according to the National Weather Service more than nine hundred fifty flights were cancelled at Chicago's airports and officials in the area opens warming centers America is listening to fox news guys waking up over and over to P. is not okay you can reduce those nighttime bathroom trips with the ingredients in super beta prostate P. three advanced you can try a full thirty day bottle free just pay shipping and handling no strings attached no obligations and no commitments to buy call one eight hundred two five seven fifty to fifty one one eight hundred two five seven fifty to fifty one one eight hundred two five seven fifty to fifty one and Capital One you can open a new savings account in about five minutes and earn five times the national average five minutes that's less time than you spent arguing about how to pronounce get fully give boards yeah hard G. less time you spend trying to stick to your paleo diet this is the car brownies knoll brownies that's about five minutes to earn five times the national average savings rate this is banking rematch Capital One what's in your wallet terms apply Rigoberto based on FDIC national right to one and a member three W. Y. P. C. mobile news all the level on the go and driving wisely how to make them both go together I'm John hurricane here's what's trending this hour the roads are slick with recent snow fall in Indiana and rob Connor reports on some tips the police are giving you when you drive one of those tips don't leave your car running you know everybody wants to get into a warm car when it's cold outside but the problem is that sept is often a crime of opportunity sergeant John Prine with Indiana state police these might be driving by or walking by and see your car running keys are in it they can get in and drive away.

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