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You get your podcasts. The bobby bones post show pre show when you try to take the picture back setback for a refund and they said it's covert we'll give you your money back. Also keep the picture. Yes yes yes. The big artwork and ya so weird you like a give me the money back keeping it yes. Well there's a whole story that came out that retailers. Doing this all over now. They're going to start doing this because they don't want stuff back. Love it by taking it back. I'm gonna cost them more money. Can you imagine the people are gonna take advantage of this more looking store. Neck is like the restocking fee. The warehouse you think of all the things that ship began. Also it just very very obvious me. That i- overpaid for this item. Some major retailers have an interesting new policy. Will refund your unwanted returns. You can also keep 'em amazon is used the practice practice a little bit walmart has started to use. Artificial intelligence helped decide of it makes sense to have a customer physically a product or not. I got same thing happened with just a little different of a story. But i ordered a set of pots and pans. I was given to and they didn't want me to return the other box. And this is a whole set of pots and pans. So i just gave them away on my instagram. Because i didn't want to back in. I know i mean it was awesome because that's another similar example of it. Not being worth their time. Let me encourage you guys to check out too much to say with kayleigh shore. She has a podcast episode called big cities small towns talk about some majorly awkward dating stories. The time tender forced her to hide in the corner of a bar and what the term lumberjack. Sisters means. I don't that means i don't either. Oh wow reading urban dictionary for it. oh you are. Yeah it's crazy funny check out too much to say with kayla. Sure it's a fantastic podcast. I hope you check it out. I hope you like it. reminisces yet. A famous uber driver. Have you heard the story now. What happened yes. Those riding this uber. We're all wearing masks. totally safe. No worries on that one and the dude was talk in my head off and apparently had song that charted thirty years ago. He said he ended up following the rock and roll lifestyle. Doing a little bit too much of this much of that not a lot of singing and he ended up. Maybe doing some time in jail. And he said now we found jesus but he did say at one point. He had a huge song in the seventies eighties. And you will have the song i do. Okay hit it. And this is Clyde burt and i fact checked him on wikipedia he told me the truth. Okay and he said he's still gets paid for it to this day but you check to see if hitter got his name. The title song is called jam. Let's take it to the streets and it was on. There wasn't kidding how. How does that come up. Oh he brought it up. He wanted to tell that story. The second one was probably tells everyone when you when you were driving uber. What kind of conversations did you have with both none. I just it was tough enough honestly looking at the. Gps trying to figure out these roads. These people are trying to tell me to go just trying to not get in an accident. That was my number one concern. I don't know how they multitask and talk at the same time. Speaking to music. I was going to play this for you guys. These metal covers by the band. Bad wolves okay. Here is a cover chris stapleton cover by a metal band. Many grimace eddie laugh. That's pretty funny. But they're not doing it for fun. Oh like there's a real cover. Oh now oh now okay. How about miley. Cyrus eli works. That was pretty cool. I want to listen to it myself. But i'm saying for yeah. I mean that one worked in heavy to me. That's heavy mental. I know how about taylor. Swift much amy. Richter headphones album jig for that that is good scuba. Used to sing scream. Oh right what do you think about that man. There a kind of a copy of five finger death punch. So i don't really like them. Of course this five finger. Death head is awesome. Course the punch stupid. Oh yeah everybody go there. I think that's i gotta get a haircut. Oh i need one because your socks now the back when it starts to get shaky. This is gray back here. Oh man not in the by head but if you grew it out you'd have a gray mullet that's cool. You try that. Think about it at least eight it. Oh okay thank you for listening to the show opie enjoyed. Today's radio show. This has been a little extra called the post. Show pre. Show all right goodbye. You're gonna love hellofresh. New year sale here refresh on your dinner routine. Cook them up the other night. It was fantastic some some chicken some broccoli. Some mashed potatoes. All of the ingredients. Were there for me. Delicious recipes. Fresh proportioned ingredients sourced directly from the growers and delivered. 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