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Whatever vascular the morning on the july thirteen thursday we have a lot of testimony yesterday by christopher ray which is moon's worthy the kind of stuff you must here and met you always get from the hugh hewitt show is what happened yesterday i'll get to the trump scandals i will get to the healthcare bill which will be unveiled later today i will get to be brewing conflict in gaza get to a lot of thanked great guest chuck todd coming up later today i've got lots of other people as well david drucker coming up at the end of the hour but are watching air from our future fbi director various talking with viktor orban about whether or not he would keep conversations memos memos of his conversations with president trump as director colmey did cut number nine tell me a urea view feel owned or at least a few of the recommendation from colmey section to create contemporary written records of your conversations with the president if you become director of the fbi i think a minimum i would take the approach that i always do to talking to people which is to try to listen very carefully to what on hearing in conversation and could be homes where i would think that the appropriate next step is for me to memorialize though we devaluate that on a case by case basis as much you can correct because of care much more seriousness area your memory of a conversation and a written contemporary has report ari different evidentiary value and wage in a courtroom is that no true that's absolute soul i don't want to.

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