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Thirty steel special gray tactical. I think it is They put they made that a aftermarkets. Stop there and So i bought this from. He was coming on thursday night knives somewhat regularly. And i asked him if he had a strider to sell and lo and behold he did and what a beautiful one. I've always loved these concealed. Carry models Because they're less block. I like the longer blade the bigger blade but in the in the standard lego version. That's the squared off version of strider. It's just a little bit to block. He of the pocket but this concealed carry is thinner overall and as you can see contoured so A really really great knife and got an excellent deal. like a friend deal For it and a really really psyched about it So i was carrying this today. I've had it for a while. But it sort of got on the back burner as other knives in grew. And then i also carried my Sal belly trapper in tobacco bone from rough rider. Now this nice i. I didn't even know i was missing it but i was missing it and then i pulled out are making some paintings for my daughter's for christmas One of them is getting a mermaid and the other one is getting an and I used to do a lot of painting. Haven't in a while. But i had put this away in a stretch. I have a bag full of sketch equipment. pencils and stuff like sharp pencils lives. Obviously and i had this in there. And i forgot i put it in there and i just love the spe blade on this knife. The rough riders. Sally trapper is a handsome knife. End and i don't know if it's the whole tobacco bone series but this thing is just incredibly made really really top notch better than most of my cases all my cases or or at least in the same realm so yes today got the strider. That's on the expensive end. The roof rider on the inexpensive and bows amazing And that's what a knife junkie is. As far as i'm concerned it doesn't matter the knife. It could be the three dollar walmart eight nuts that i'm fond of Thrusting into cardboard. That's great knife to even though it's a real cheap piece of crap i still love it and it's still a useful tool so calling it. Crap is unfair so Are you a knife junkie. Let us know on the listener. Lines seventy four four six four four eight seven. I want to show off before we get into the meat and potatoes of the show. I i'm going use this opportunity this platform because it's not it's a show. It's a platform in two thousand ten and beyond so i'm gonna use this platform to show off The knife i've been showing off over and over actually for over a year now When i first carved it out of a deal I showed it off this awesome unheated thing. And then after i spoke with alex tanguay were on the podcast. Who is You know he's a he's a lab is like a professor in the lab a. Working with different steals and figuring out way he treats them. I sent him the nice. Finally so i showed it off. Then he treated beautifully Senate back to me. And then i've been working out here is this is about as done as it's going to be showed this off on thursday night knives the other night and well here. I'm gonna i'm gonna show you hear this. I call this pattern. The virginia bowie or no other reason except that i live in virginia and i think it sounds cool. It sounds a little old timey. Sounds like something that might already exist. And how i define. The virginia bowie is a full belly. Like there's a little bit of straight right here but creating much it's all belly and then a real long sharpened switch four or back cutting things and then there's always a swell right here and i say because i made one more and like mama luka forgot to bring it down but that's probably my most ed seed Fix blade all times and it's just a smaller version of this But what. I did differently on this Was pretty much full. Flat grind it. So it's it's a pretty darn sharp. It's five thirty seconds of inch thick. So it's it's thinner than your standard quarter inch bowie and for a minute. I'm gonna blame things on my equipment. But i i a craftsman. You know a series about forty two inch by two inch belt grinder okay. It's one speed in that speed is very fast. And it's it's it's for sharpening axes in tools and stuff but it's not so much for The fine kind of grinding With knife making. And i am not saying that i am capable of that kind of find grinding. I do not have technique but but frequently. When i use that tool i create real deep gouges with the with the belts that i use and i use progressively smaller belts. But i just don't have the chops or the practice down to get rid of that kind of that kind of you see those grind lines in there. So those kind of sticking micro a little bit. And yes. I could hand rub it until they're gone but then i start to worry about And this may be something. I need to redress with some of the actual professionals. I speak with. But i'm worried that if there's too much of a gouge here and i i worry with the sandpaper right here. That is going to be wavy. So you got to do the whole thing. I don't know if i lack the patients or what but anyway Something i'm it's very sharp. Okay and it. It acts through hymns nicely. And that back edge is more wedge like but it also comes to a pretty keen. So i'm i'm thinking of this as a sort of a. It's kind of fun to do. So scott black canvas. My carta in purple liners and i really like this handle. I liked this handle style. It's kind of a miran handle style and this swail here Let's you choke back a little bit and And leverage it as a shopper so anyway showing it off i lake gotta make a a She's for it now. Make kite sheath I'll ask my brother. If maybe he'll make a leather sheets for two. And then i'll just carry it around the house you know can't can't take it out but There you go the virginia bowie and call it the liberator. The virginia boase the style of bowie the liberators the model. And it's named kind of half after the b twenty four liberator. But also it's of supposed to be a little bit witty like is going to liberate you from a bad situation are right now. You're like yeah. I got that bob to so anyway if you want to help out the show if you think that what we do here is valuable. Check us out on patriots We have a great group of people over there. We have three tiers of support. I you can support us at a three dollars per month. Level five dollars per month level or a ten dollar per month level we have we have cute little names for each the three dollars the traditional junkie the five dollars the tactical junkie and the ten dollars the gentleman junkie of course after different types of knives and at the ten dollar level. Most vaunted and exciting level Each month you get entered into a monthly drive and we took away nicer. And i have word that the next night we give away. We'll be a traditional. I know i kinda hinted at that last time but this time this time it's going to be for real so if you want a cool traditional knife to come your way for possibly come your way For help sporting the show join up as it gentlemen junk so otherwise We have something cool for you here before we get into the state of my collection and talk about a couple of knives that came across..

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