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So is in billings, Montana. Nobody knows for that is I get wasted out of Buffalo Wild Wings, which now I just, you know. Yeah, great choice. Love a Buffalo Wild Wings. I love their boneless wings and I. So I had been like obsessed with this guy for years, and we had this whole fling. He had a girlfriend, but we had like a flying on the side. That's basically what my really twenty is where we're always just in love with guys with girlfriends. Great. And then finally, we like both got wasted together and I'm like, you know, I think I'd just like a need to have sexism, twenty two. It's going to start becoming this thing where I'm too old to have sex. Not like now the virgin that pressure is like crazy because then it's like, no, you actually know you're too aware of things. So anyways, I just decided I'm like, okay, this is like an ABI that I thought I lose my gender, whatever. So he rents a motel room where their bus was staying in billings, Montana, and it was so shitty. So gross, we go into the hotel room. He's like a freak helix makes us both shower before which is weird and like unsexy, Zach, do you? I mean, not really. I love it. It was. Like claiming I love a clean side like absolute of as you're on the door. We don't need to have clean sex on the work. Yeah. So anyways, then we, we take shower and I'm like, already not in the mood and then I'm wasted. And then we start having sex. And I mean, this guy was so stop, but we're like having sex and like halfway through. He shoves me off of him, freaks out, runs out of the motel room, leaves me alone, crying as a friend. No, he had. He had a lot of issues. This is like you're in you and then he takes it out of was he freaks out because you were a virgin? No, like there's a lot of things wrong that I can't talk about tell ever time it was like alone. I'm alone in billings, Montana, like no clue how to get home. He shoves me off of him like, I'm a piece of trash leaves me. There were crying by myself. And then from that after that, I don't think I had sex for like four years because I had the worst connotation like with sex ever. It was bad. How'd you get home? I probably gotten a cab or something that he was like the worst person in the his name, Caleb. Did you nobody will know who is, did you know Elaine pushed up her glasses Atlantic actually find Kayla right now. Hey, can you piece of shit, garbage person? Yeah, that's that makes me burn his house down. Yeah, he was. He was not the best person in the world, and I was like infatuated with him for like four years. That's the thing. It's kind of hard. I think when you get older because it starts to mean more and more and more like when you're when you're like a baby, it's like, you're all babies, y'all don't know what you're doing. It's like a bad right across the board Carol. No, it's just easier older. It's like you've waited so much. So I feel like every year you wait, it's like more rush, artistic patients, and then the movies ruin it for you because nothing like that. And nobody's first time has ever good, especially. Yeah. When you're older, it's like now, like I said, a more self aware. Yeah. I actually like this person so much and not in, you know, the stupid little like sixteen year old way. Right? And it was just like an absolute disaster. Who's the next person you had sex. Four years. Another band. Oh my God. Have you ever. Yes. Did you guys keep a list? Yeah, like a lover lead?.

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