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The dolphins people and i did not remember the stolen facts or look at the game book today patriots had 38 carries for almost two hundred yards right in iran all over john lewis was first 100yard game they crushed them they average closed underground six yards a carry lewis was good but burkhead at fifty yards rushing as well on the ground mean they got whatever they wanted all by the way brady at four touchdown passes and a quarterback rating 114 like that the patriots the dolphins weren't the issue in that game the patriots their own issues right they had problems with that turnover their problems and special teams in that game they did their what they wanted to do i the they they jarvis landers their best receiver to seventy yards receiving they took away the running game made sixty seven yards the ground that's when the kit williams a still there now it'll be qinyong drake uh pretty much the only go to running back right now for ame the only healthy running backs guess that's different he had a good game against denver but it looking back over it it's not like the dolphins played that well the patriots played poorly so what's the chances that they played poorly against them two weeks ago they've had a bunch start to think about abella check gets to use that game as a hammer to bash them over the head and said look out poor loop way last time and we you they still won by eighteen what slightly they play poorly again this one knock worry they they haven't done that much especially recently you know the first four games we talked all about how many points they allowed what they look like defence all the mistakes that they were making and even if you're some of those players they withdraw harmon all of the midday guys talking about you look at the mistakes that the team was making wasn't like the other team is going out there and beating them you know even in their two losses sure there you know the needs of plays but the patriots were just how all these these errors on their own whether stupid penalties or just been a blown assignments you're eight they've they've clean.

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