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Hold it sideways like a gangsta so you'll look really cool never shoot fireworks toward an elderly uncle or grandparent you wanna dance like jed clampett with ants in their pants and finally here's a good rule of thumb to remember fellas the short of you you have the longer your penis is this was a some other safety news report for the fourth of july tickets wall short like to point out the cbo cpo sharkey was on after the beverly hillbillies the beverly hillbillies was the hit show he was a big hit seventeen anniversary season as much as i love don rickles run silent run deep by the way kelly's heroes right okay which will move on we have a comedic greg on is joined us here in the studio yeah thanks for having me here talk about washing your hands properly why i'm here in the studio that's why that that's why the party got all because they think that people didn't wash their hands crackly located what does it that'd be birthday isn't it well according to the us department of agriculture they found ninety seven percent of the time most consumers are not washing their hands with soap for at least twenty seconds which is the recommended time by the centers for disease control and prevention the study also found participants did not dry their hands with clean towel come on a lack of handwashing led to cross contaminating food items which of course spreads bacteria which we learned can make you sick yes they have to have the signs and all the bathrooms employees must wash hands yes makes you wonder if if you didn't have that sign in their hands for twenty seconds i easily do alphabet song or happy birthday twice while rubbing your hands with soap to washington properly i'm kind of a germ folks wising.

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