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In real food and the robert wood johnson foundation at our wjr dot org archaeological evidence shows the first humans in california came one hundred forty thousand years ago historical record show the first european arrived in the steve in fifteen forty in news accounts show guru was founded in 1997 the point b each day history is made in california and every week day the california report follows the evidence the record in the news to bring it to you as it happens i'm john sepulvado listened to the california report right here on kqed first up at five fifty one on kqed public radio here's what's coming up later today on forum with media kim we'll bring you the latest on the situation in me of maher the un says the country's treatment of its muslim row hinge on minority looks like ethnic cleansing than in our second hour san diego state university psychology professor joins us to discuss her latest research on a new generation she calls ign kids born between 1995 and two thousand twelve grown up with smartphones and you'll media that's all coming up later today on forum from 900 eleven am on kqed public radio now to area weather forecast mostly cloudy this morning of their becoming partly cloudy the rest of the day slight chance of thunderstorms two with highs anywhere from the mid 60s headed to around eighty degrees well time now for morning in addition that seven after three this is community supported kqed public radio eighty eight point five fm morning by michael stich it's morning edition from npr news i'm david greene in culver city california and i mary louise kelly in washington dc cleaning up after hurricane erma is going to be a long process the storm left more than half of florida without power recovery is already underway though in the state's biggest metro area that would be miami and that is where npr's martin cast years good morning martin good morning tell us what's left out at you as you watch people out and about in trying to return to something like normal well i think what you see is a city that starting to sort of habits piece of everyday life quicken and you there's more traffic people are tackling the long list of two jews to try to.

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