Danika Patrick, Chevrolet, Indianapolis discussed on Indy's Morning News with Tony Katz


Well we got a problem it's danika patrick danika patrick is spun exiting turn over to she has slapped the outside wall spun back down to the inside of the racetrack heavy heavy damage to that go daddy chevrolet has danika patrick is done here at indianapolis caution the course involving danika patrick sixty eight laps deplete here at the getting apples motor speedway and just like that that was all she wrote ninetythree wibc rob kendall in for tony cats good morning indy five hundred yesterday anybody would say it was a race for the ages by any stretch of the imagination but there was a whole lot of drama a lot of theater whole lot of things that ultimately didn't really have anything to do with the finish that paid a lot of attention to and of course one of those was the what appears to be the final race of danika patrick's career now let me preface it by saying this auto racing is like pro wrestling it's never over no matter how many times somebody tells you they're done it's never over right there's always one more match and there's always a one more race i mean you're not going to tell me if somebody doesn't come to dan in the future with a whole bunch of cash and says will you ride in our car she's going to ride in the car because yesterday aside she had a really good career at indianapolis despite all the criticism that the cheese had that it was all hype and and not substance and there's there's merit to that there's no doubt that she was a marketing tool and in many cases but she did have a very effective career when she ran it at indianapolis i think they said coming in her again this there was a lot going on when the when the wreck happened but her average finished with something like eight point something at at at the motor speedway and she led laps and she easily could have won at least one of those races so she was an above average driver at the indianapolis motor speedway she did well on that course and in a.

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