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Since that super bowl loss is brock versus peyton and trevor versus paxton and it was a keep to leave shooting himself in the leg and tj ward getting traded and being pissed off about it all this team has been as drama for like the last four years and the fact that they're going into this mini camp and i'm not saying the interest level isn't there because there are lot of spots where the broncos made moves and it's going to be interesting to see but i the broncos need their mini camp in their offseason programs to look like spring training in baseball not like the jerry springer show like they just need to go out have their position battles there's not many of them to be quite frank on the roster just go out have a drama free offseason yet through your lot in with case keenum which i think versus kirk cousins was a mistake but will but at least you have your guy and he's way better than what you have before i think the broncos need one off of just let's get prepared for this season because our division is once again going to be extremely difficult there have been other teams that have been worse than us that look like they're getting better like houston white cleveland so this team needs to be without the drama and i think they will be over the next three days tuesday wednesday thursday i am interested to see how the rookies look i am interested to see case keenum build that trust with damaris thomas in his receivers i am curious to see.

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