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Oil h pie funeral home and services friday at greater grace temple four officer dos they held a vigil at his home precinct last night actor said it would take three minutes after lifesupport was disconnected that was around noon on sunday but twenty minutes later officer glenda's seniors says his son was still breathing so we began things solve everybody's died sam finding moments there with my son and the doctor came set for his heart cevers going at still breathing so continue the saying continued to pray finally twelve forty three uh he passed away and god gave him to me allow god to take him back from thank you okay at the seven precinct kimber goski wjr news to adroit police officers are recovering they had minor injuries as their squad car was involved in a crash with a pickup truck last night on detroit's east side congresswoman debbie dingell is among many lawmakers bring a guest to the gallery four tonight state of the union speech cindy garcia who susman or hey a 39yearold father of two was deported a mexico after he was living of detroit for thirty years as an illegal bordercrosser and she will accompany the congresswoman congressman sander levin will also boost the dreamer issue congresswoman dingle said and for a long thranked face a us get it work rattled up a six hundred eighty american citizen hang out with tickets at the has he's for tired all of his life in this part of this country wings ten years old his hike have come a citizen his tried to do everything that can you as houses followed up on the sex abuse scandal of larry nassar bypassing legislation that requires governing bodies four amber athletics to promptly report any abuse claims to law enforcement of court hearing is scheduled for today in the case of our brighton township sixteen year old convicted of sexually assaulting three teenage girls the case was heard in juvenile court the 16yearold was sentenced to forty five days in juvy he's been released already he'd been charged with twenty counts of firstdegree criminal sexual conduct he was allowed to plead guilty to one of them the families of the girls are outraged they of sued a gofundme page of and uh i has been taken down for candice strang of brighton canvassed rang police say opened the page to raise money for her breast cancer she doesn't have it it was a phony at.

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