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He knew there was abandoned so he thought I help our guitar whether check whether he was a left ear. No you're coming McCartney come home yeah well. The one of a new poll left-handed people should have to play right handed it. Because it's all excited diocese. I never knew that both freaky We asked everyone what would be the last supper memorial to Maine and drink. I think the last supper could possibly include. I'm not sure this is the right combination bio cable. How might go the code herrings thing because because he's been quite big thing in our life it's sort of an is that whole the pizza me of something very very very Danish on I really liked Marco spent a allot time? They're our daughter lives there. She's live seven years studied there and did a master's their lives. They're lily smoother. Dansk so Wendy and the killer example. Well they go allow possible to a jumper. So I'll speak a little Dana understand a lot more than I speak but adults speaks fluently. Look say she'd lived there all these years. What did you say I speak a little bit? Sorry I never thought about that. These two women that got your mind and and so that would incriminate. Dingren GME must be I love. You don't get that because I had a Swedish excuse me for a while say your mouse cadet else Qataris in. Which is I love you in Indonesia? The first sentence alone in Danish I was four eighteenth. Tumbler which is where is your turtle. Dry Tumbler come low. Some say okay. Stop Start Tapping now. I mean just because we're reminiscent going on in this conversation I think that that might be nice if it was going to be the last supper thing the next dish I think would be again because he's got a lot of really good memories Spaghetti with Bataga Have Bataga. Yes yeah which is just never had it with the cheese. No Oh no sorry. No no is dried fish run. Yes I've never had that. We've been Sardinia on holiday. And I think is Sardinian opinion. I think and it's one of the things you either like. You don't big time and you don't have to have it with you can just have it on like spaghetti thing some oil but it's just immense is just amazing and again we've been there so many times I've some great memories of the kids are growing up with families and stuff and it was just just one of those things that whenever we used to have nights at the House that we rented. And then we'd go out to like three restaurants and I would always try and get people to go to a different restaurant John and they always said no and we'd go to once in a blue moon. We've been there ten twelve times thing we go to one and everyone would just moan about that. It wasn't like the three so I gave up in the A.. And so the three restaurants we knew I knew exactly what was going to be every every time I went and this spaghetti vaguely book tiger is one of the things. He's just just amazing pudding. Oh my God anything really. Yeah I mean I've set. Pentecostal is a real which flavor. Well the thing is I just actually like the cream on anything with it but I like anything. I'm like kind of still love a chocolate Mousse if it's done well a lot like anything is still going to school. A few Italian restaurants that we've been to feel years and years and years and like it one in particular has the trolley. Oh I don't always see the trolley. Unlike it's just we just like to say yet. I love the lot. I love it all. Do you think good table minutes. I'd like to think so humming. It's always tricky thing and obviously in a situation like this where we're talking uneaten. I don't think Table Man. I'd like to think so but I'd like to think so but I can't scan and what kind you stand and other people and one of the things is obviously. I have listened to your ipod customer. This question was common but one of the things no but one of the things that really media me. Big Time is if you especially when you're in a restaurant rather people sometimes just plain rude to the people serving you. It's kind of like you know the doing the job for one thing. He's actually what they do for a living or what they're doing for living right now and sometimes you know because I've been in really lucky. We all have to go some amazing restaurants and sometimes people feel so privileged because they used to being in those restaurant solar time that it's like I don't know it just read I can. I almost get embarrassed sometimes. A really do and I just find it. So he's not table manners for the for the people you're eating dinner with even it's it's almost the extension of it which is which I don't know I just really struggle with times and Rick. It's been such a pleasure. Thank you enjoy yourself a really out thank you very much. Thank you I will in this series gets eighteen so they thank you. It's gorgeous only love. It doesn't like Leopard but.

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