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I do Sunday sentinel sermons both on YouTube and on my ID and kinda pull them from my little excerpts for my my book, I wrote called the sentinel, and everyone should definitely own a copy of that. It would be a mistake Dr to. Yeah. If not they could just you know, I mean, just to the servants thirty second just knowledge bombs, and I built a hashtag around. So they could see them all and then don't have Instagram I lump them and put him on my YouTube channel. And you know, you two and a half minutes. You're watching three are you watching five or six snippets on these Sunday central servants? But that's that's everyday survival. That's just basic street smarts. And in home smarts, have keeping your wits about you in and maintaining a level of situation aware. And so how about a mistake? So you sort of touched on don't be hasty what what are two hasty type mistakes that you've seen in your experience that are natural reactions, but the wrong thing to do. Well, I mean, you know, swatting to be that's lands in your hairs a hasty. I'm talking about this very very unusual plane crash scenario. Let's get serious. Okay. So let's get serious and talk about the plane crash again. I'm only because I think your your answers are most likely going to apply to any sort of unexpected scenario that someone has the misfortune to find themselves in right? I mean things can happen when you're camping things can happen when you're hunting things happen outdoors. So, you know, I I suspect that you're you're advice is going to apply more widely than just our scenario. The listeners are worried about. So the the take that plane crash scenario, I think big hasty mistake instantly without putting any on into without having any frame of reference Conan direction is going to investigate you know, like. Separating yourself from from the scene and and venturing out. You know without like a good plan. If let's say, let's say I'm at the crash with. Somebody who's relying on me to assist them. I'm not pay. I'm gonna go investigate. I'll be back in an hour. You know, something like that. I mean that has to be. Don't at some point. But a lot of people when they get in like, you know, lost or whatever in the woods that kind of thing. They end up putting themselves in the worst situation because they they just didn't think it through the two I two s and you survival size of situation undue haste makes waste so that haste is the biggest mistake people make when when it comes to any kind of survival situation like that. And while would it be a bad idea to go investigate because there could be a secondary explosion could be hazardous terrain between you and the incident it'd be a Christmas. Yeah. Yeah. That's yourself. You know with a thousand a couple of thousand feet between you and the earth below and you're floating through that that called air with RAC on. It's not going to be pleasant. Yeah. Yeah. I shouldn't laugh. Point very well made. And I guess also if you're not someone who's highly experienced with land Navon really well experience versed in the area. It's like, you know, they're tragedies or tragedies for reason. Right like they caused shock you're disoriented and might not be the best idea. Whether it's our car accident or the plane crash to try to be to be overly confident that you can find your way back to someone who might need your your help. Right. I mean is that fair? Bingo. And is it better to survive in a group or by yourself?.

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