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News on Chris Foster Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg casket will be moved to the U. S Capitol building this morning. The late Justice will become the first woman to lie in state here in historic time for historic woman. Did more for the equality of women than anybody in our history. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other congressional leaders, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, will attend a memorial service for Justice Ginsburg on Capitol Hill. Jared Howe Burnham Fox News Police in Louisville, Kentucky, announced 24 arrests during protests over a lack of direct charges in Briana Taylor's police shooting held in other cities as well. One protester in Hollywood hauled off in an ambulance after a truck drove through a crowd in Portland. They were taunting police demonstrations, also in New York City, Philadelphia and more. Fox is Jill NATO America's listening to Fox News. This is Wichita number one Talk 98 7 and 13. 30 K M SS. That big even 10 in the morning Now 6 47 here on a Friday morning three big things revenue from Kansas casinos and lottery tickets. Sails down $100 million thanks to co 19 House Democrats preparing another pandemic relief measure as talk to remain stalled with Republican leaders in the White House. President Trump unveils his plan for health care Signs Executive order protecting preexisting conditions. Three big thing Stephen dead on traffic volumes in Wichita picking out there at this time, the traffic conditions this morning looking really good and gasoline prices, the average still dollar 93 or a dollar 90 for Galan. Right now. Heaviest traffic. I'm seeing North bound and South bound. I won 35 right there at Kellogg Traffic Update from 98.

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