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It's a little bit more ambitious. That's near removing privacy. Let them be more technology stocks until to the some of the other things that our clients are doing in europe and we support engaging from this emphasis placed moving forward to that Yeah with hiring. Yeah you got to be very selective and who's going to be hanging out with you all day you should say. Are you doris. Cause of so. You're yeah it's funny. We've got two people definitely go people who we get on with it on in the outdoors but it does take leading. Talk of mix and i think some looking aid they. I think we rented these scary. J. them thinking that's not what vibe that we're trying to turn trying to get some of the time anyway but outings hop your lowest because good lawyers spills customer trust clients love us and That's the way to bulwark can continuing the work. We got and that's a very very important thing as well. Yeah absolutely okay. There's a lot leads to my final question. Really you know obviously great lawyers. You're good at what you do. You've been around a long time. You got a long standing firm. What what'd you guys. So what have you done to get yourself in the marketplace sue to pick up new clients. Marketing advertising is it or is it is east lawyer kinda gotta go get their own business connections or what have you guys done. That's really sessile. No appetizing. And i'm we very much work as a team and if you not. It's a kind of work as a team. They won't be joining acid silicon valley because we're very team oriented to the point. We kind of we don't have any kind of individual immigration for winning clients and things like that because they just sort of stuff people competing against each other Say we've been keeping quite catholic The i mentioned trust and all of our work. Just come some trust the you're just off financiers the end of this month and it was just looking at works. It's coming this year which has been slightly different. Because but it's about eighty five percent word of mouth introduction so referrals. People have moved already but failed fisher now all. Somebody's stuck on a privacy issue and a somebody puts in a chat blow or online. Oh you have. You tried the team fisher. I've got a colleague. Felicity fisher known Name relation to the original founders But she she's named check all over the place. She's a fantastic year. These new pot that we made up two years ago. I is very organic in that way. Kevin and building on knowledge. We've got a writing successful webinar program. Which is incredibly what attended..

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