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We get into Thursday leading up to that it is going to be hot and humid mostly cloudy skies overnight lows in the low to mid seventies partly sunny hot muggy on Wednesday highs in the low nineties and Thursday the potential for a few afternoon storms highs up in the mid eighties I'm meteorologist mark Thibodeau from the weather channel on San Antonio's official weather station news radio twelve hundred of you away I to stop the spread of covert nineteen practice social distancing in the following ways maintain safe distances from each other stay at home and avoid direct contact with high touch items in that community keep a six foot distance from others in public settings avoid crowds especially in poor ventilated spaces share the love and stop the spread of her behind specs have been keeping Texans in good spirits since nineteen sixty two four fifty eighty years specs has been earning your trust by offering the largest selection of wines spirits beers and assess cities at everyday lower prices from special occasions that everyday essentials just visit specs online dot com where you'll find even more ways to get what you want with specs convenient shopping it's just one more way specs is doing right by Texans cheers to savings seventy seven dental is doing their part to assist the hospitals from overcrowding and the system buckling during this pandemic they're continuing to see emergency dental care patients with the CDC in Texas dental association approval dental.

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