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Way stop Westbound I 70 near the monocacy boulevard area 55 reported one broken down blocking away Steve reznor WTO P traffic To storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts was just the coldest morning of the season so far Well so far I mean we if you were up early on Saturday morning it was pretty chilly out there with temperatures in the 20s area wide So it's chilly out there Certainly no doubt about it Then you get the winds and it's even colder We're talking about wind chills in the 20s and 30s We will continue to see winds died down throughout the day but again they're going to be up for quite some time That means wind chills are in the 20s and 30s throughout the day today But plenty of sunshine it is a beautiful day and we are dry Overnight temperatures fall into the teens in 20 So that may be the coldest morning just because I haven't seen a lot of teens out there so far this season But we will have a lighter win tomorrow Plenty of sunshine temperatures around 50 Heading into heading into your Thursday 20s and 30s increasing clouds I mean looking good for Thanksgiving and it's going to be fairly mild comparatively speaking Temperatures are going to be in the mid to upper 50s as we get into your Thursday And then we'll have some rain later Thursday night And then into Friday morning But by Friday afternoon we dry out temperatures in the 40s and turning breezy once again on Friday 40s right now 40 40° exactly Right now in Washington and Baltimore at Leesburg at 37 Frederick 39 All right Lauren's forecast brought to you by new lacombe design right now say 50% on all roofing materials Visit new look home design dot com It's ten 22 new this morning fairfax county public schools says two books that delve into homosexuality and gender identity are going back on the shelves of its school libraries after a.

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