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Shouldn't be there. Yeah going back to your trial for a second. It's been a while so correct me. If i'm wrong in any of these details but my my my memory of you being on the jury was that everyone kind of had an idea that this was a really bad case but the evidence in front of you limited you to say to really consider in struggle with with the with the verdict and guy was. This guy was an abusive guy. Tried to kill his girlfriend. We found out afterwards that it had happened multiple times and that he showed up in the trial. We didn't see it but hit the sneakers that he wore were the sneakers he wore when he tried to kill her and apparently there was blood. Splatter on the shoe okay. There was read the splatter on parts of the sneaker and we couldn't. we didn't know any of that. I it was but we couldn't go into the past and we could only consider what was in front of us. And so i think most of us walked in go and the guy is guilty as sin right however however however right and that's what is the evidence so that the work of a jury is. That's hard work right. The easy thing for you to do is look. He's a bad guy in the evidence doesn't quite add up but he's a bad guy and we we there's there's a little bit of a momentum behind that sort of side of it right and you had to fight that instinct to look at the evidence and do your job as someone on a jury right as a. You're the opposite. Is true here when you talk about. George floyd obviously times a thousand from your case the the overwhelming current and every one of them knows this be of course. They're they're well to way too aware of what's going on in the news. They all know about the story. They all know that number one. Everyone's gonna terrible if they let this guy off jovan number two. If they let him off their entire city will be flat. There will be no buildings left in it and none of their property will have any value and it is a catastrophe for the city. They probably love. And i'm telling you like they're human beings that's not supposed to enter their their mind put they have to be aware of this and it is completely ridiculous that we sit here in a world where this is the assumed and correct certainty that if there is not a guilty verdict of the i think honestly of the most extreme of the most extreme charge the highest punishment levels. Then you're going to have this type of of reaction and most of the media will sit there and justify it you know. I mean we saw this. Could you see this clip. A guy. I don't think we have here In front of us To play but it was clip of Cnn who reporters on the scene get attacked basically and was just less last week again. I think it was last week. Yeah and they they. They talked about it and they said well. Look i understand why. They're angry and You know it's understandable that they'd be this angry and we were getting pelted with water bottles and whatever else people could pick up and is understandable. Why they're angry. What are you talking about. But wh wh what kind of that's not justifiable. Because you're because someone you may or may not know had a bad interaction with police that may or may not. We don't even have the verdict yet. Be a crime although it looked pretty bad to me. Then it makes. It's justified to throw things at reporters like what..

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