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Favorite. Human Beings live a love Bobby Kelly he has a podcast right now. Called Calton Kelly. It's on Patriot on I. Implore you to go to his. Sign I think he'd get through it instagram. Petri on dot com slash Robert Kelly I think probably I'm guessing. Robert Kelly is probably one of the one of the greatest comics that doesn't get enough. Props, not enough people are talking about how fucking talented this guy is. He's amazing. He's a real comic like he's. He's you know I saved comic. I shouldn't say that. He's a comic comic in that he loves laughing. He loves giggling like time. He likes to bullshitted likes to hang out. I absolutely love Robert Kellyanne his podcast. Counseling Kelly is with my one of my best friends in the world Mike. Calcutta, AKA AKA COW head so I had Michelle Bobby on together because I knew I knew that bobby would make it easy. Hanks I didn't know, Michelle that well, and it was a great hang, and she busted balls, and we busted balls and we ate. What what do you make you remember? Halston cheesy biscuit eggs benedict of these. fucking good. They were so fucking good and bobby and murdered them in Michelle a very very. The Fuck God they were so good. I. Hope You guys enjoy this. Say Father's Day if you're hearing this I. Am now on the road. I'm driving right now to San Antonio I'm in the middle of my way there. By Las, cruces or somewhere around there, so if you see me say. Heidel touched me I am still very covid conscious, and we're trying to stay as quarantine possible on this tour. Hot Summer Nights tour started tonight right now. Friday in Phoenix one of the hotspots grown virus. Then we're going to Texas the number. Two hotspot growth of virus onto New Orleans, a previous hotspot of the corona virus, and then through the drive in theaters, and we're doing drive in theaters until July fourth. When I'm own, we'll start doing podcasts and this show something's burning back in the man cave. I love you with all my heart. Stay safe stay. Happy have a great father's Day Ladies and gentlemen, this episode of Something Burning Uncut Robert Kelly M Michelle Wolf. If you don't have hairy can't tell. My God. I've seen that she'd be. Sarah first of all bobbies hair was there was a there was a bobby Kelly out there did leaguge. It was a male model like no joke. My swear to God I on our remember Bobby I wouldn't even like you. Like, he'd walk up and I'll be like. On Red Red ahead. Let's get back to what we're talking about earlier. Your hair blown out is fucking amazing. Well. You know what everyone says that in a way that just makes me feel really bad about my natural. Look you way you look now. Is Fine Yeah. Talk. Wife would say when she really. define. When you while you're in hair out. Your different you just a different. I don't do it. Someone does it for me over. Too Much I can't. Do that. I don't. By the way I'm like an instagram for you as a little girl as a dad is the most enduring human being. I've ever seen you have this like. Aw shucks nece I have like a fro- first of all I have a clown fro as a Shirley temple. Bigger than that. Yeah, and then it's just like me being like. I'd I had straight hair my whole life as a child. And then. I was. This is a true story going to believe it, we. We went camping. We were struck by lightning. I was out my mic. Juicy giving. The, my mom and Stepdad, they rented a house right on a lake and Amtra. Austin the one of the best lake houses I've ever been to. And they had a canoe, and I took the canoe out in the fog, and I masturbated in the canoe, and I actually end up falling in I tried to stand up Alan. Superhero Horns. Don't. Listen to me. I fell in and then I remember walking down with my sister the next day she's like. Why is your hair curly and then curled up like that like my hair just went curly because he masturbated in the fog. And I think I. Fellow the Lake God punish. Wait we're. We're things so claustrophobic in the House that you had to go to a canoed master? Sometimes! In the moment. Lifeguards female, giving though so far. Either They take. About being a woman just Ryan Jet Ski. The hotel. Take. Serving Way to start a something new episode to my favorite comments from afar. A Guy I've known forever. Michelle will be Kelly. You know what dude and easily the most. Fun. Person you're so much fun for me, and by the way we just met, but I always have come. Expect right if the White House correspondent center all my conservative friends that post the horror fiction on facebook. We're all lighting up. And I was like I was like all this and they're like even know her and I was like she fucking awesome. She's a real community going back. Oh, she's and they're like which is cool and I was like Oh. Fuck Yeah. Back, Apparently comments to be comments that that fucking broke the Internet. People got mad about it. A lot meaner I was very right. She actually told me some of the joke she cut, and they were they were allows me I was gonNA. Say that she was yeah. I think I am because I was doing I was doing the jokes and the seller like for like a month before, and then like some of the stuff, people are like you can't. Even be Keefer like you're you're gonNA cut that. Rama's. Seeking I cut and the stuff I was left with I was like this seems Nice. We watching it at the PUSSYCAT. What's wrong with her? Like there was you know the village. Such a mix of people. Young Girls? These fucking guys of. smokey I make up. I didn't even think that job is bad. It's just that she jumped it. She did that. They Dick Heads. Do when they do when the roast where they just go like like she just made it not fund. You're like Oh bitch. Going to bitch and wasn't like. You, said Hey, bitch likely from. From. The Shia. I think the ones I cut. If would heard those one, she would be like that's very. Fox that. Lead. To. Would, never I don't know enough about politics to do anything like. I did go after.

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