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Taylor Hall and line up tonight. Well, Curtis Lazar played tonight. Question for you guys and ah, A lot of talk about Lena's all mark today with Marty Biron, Craig Reveille, myself and the sabers tonight seven o'clock puck drop. And that's a 6 30 pregame show on MSG and six o'clock and W G. R 5 50. We made it yesterday, gentlemen. We made it through the day Long day I asked crack this morning, Marty. I said we talked about seven. Something later. I don't know, he said. So I was exhausted yesterday mentally It's so hard. Cause there's nothing going on. So you have to come up with with things to discuss and and possible scenarios. And you know when trades were happening, you just talk about the trade. Move on. Talk about the trade. Move on. Talk about the trade Move on. So this felt like Day in the month of May last year, when we didn't know if there was gonna be an NHL season or not, and it was in the middle of the pandemic and shutdowns and Nothing to talk about on trade Deadline day. That's really what it was. Complete snooze fest. Another snooze fest, you know? Oh, it's trade Deadline Day look, and it's going to be a maid. No. Another snooze fest. Tired of the everything, To be honest with you. Everything happened. The big trades happens. You know a day or two before something that still gave us lots to talk about, And you know, looking back at what the sabers have done in this trade deadline. We'll sit there, break down and give her thoughts. Did you expect, like really like and I'm gonna ask you guys this bt I'll ask you first, because you usually ask the questions. Did you expect anything to happen? Like really Like when you looked at you woke up yesterday morning. Yeah, specifically no with the league like sabers when you tell her like that's You know, And that happened overnight. So you're getting ready. And you're like, Okay. Well, that was it like I think that was it. But did you expect big things around the league? Because I think Nick Selina was big Damantha move was big, but other mental was big yesterday. Most illegal happened today before like when you shut up yesterday. Did you write down like it's going to be a busy day? Or did you kind of do it now? No. Not at all. I think the fireworks could have happened. I think Kevin Adams fielded a lot, and I mean a lot of calls. On players that did not get traded. What I mean by that is, I'm sure that there was a lot of interest in Sam Reinhart. I'm sure there was a lot of interest in Rasmus wrist, aligning. I'm sure that Kevin Adams was feeling a number of calls on Lena's Hallmark. And he chose Not to pull the trigger. There was there was one goalie trade. And it was David Reddick to Toronto. Like Johnson. Bernie did not go anywhere. Chris Draeger in Florida did not go anywhere, and I don't think Florida would have traded them because then they would have been stuck without a backup in Spencer Night, a 19 year old goalie as a backup, but I didn't think there was going to be any movement on Lena's. But are you surprised at Like the price for players yesterday was not high. There was trees. There was 1/7 round pick in 2023 traded yesterday. Seventh rounder in 2023 oldest, Like how old is that kid? That's what I was gonna say. Dead kid right now is playing 14 you hockey 15 u r K maybe. One point for you. It was so bad, so there's 16. He's 16. No, he's not because 16 year olds are getting traded in 2022 is 15 right now. 15 15 years old, So But so, Yeah. You're not going to trade some right now. Right now The price is not where you want it to be or not Trading Restore. Now the price is not where you want it to be. You're not. You're not making As they say hockey trades because there was really no price point for that. Parents get those kids out there. Shoot! Pox is 1/7 round pick available. Well, Nashville got 1/7 round there right for every good Branson. So actually, although I've got a seven grounder, you went to Nashville. So that's a 2023 draft pick that you could go. You could be a new Ottawa senators draft pick. If you really work hard, So Craig based off based off your comment there about fielding a lot of calls that that's kind of what Sparked my question in the Zoom press conference, and it was basically throughout the process. Like I called it the Big three and I said you've gone through. The draft free agency and now a trade deadline, and he's fielded a lot of calls on players. All through those process all through that at the draft, Great free agency and things like that. And then yesterday So that's what my question was. Does yesterday help him? Without year kind of help him gauge What the future of this team is going to look like knowing what could potentially be out there. Come the draft. Yes, I think it. I'm sure Kevin Adams was probably more busy than any GM out there. There's no question Um, I'm sure that he talked to many, many G M's that we're kicking tires, maybe not necessarily super interested, but at least kicking tires on players. Like Jack Eichel. Like Sam Reinhart like mass, Miss crystalline in players that were not moved at this year's deadline. Or maybe they won't be moved period. But at least Kevin Adams at least got an opportunity. You understand that what the market is at this point in time, things are gonna change in a couple.

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