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So alternate -ly satisfying that you're willing to overlook a plethora of problems. And this like you said, the game of thrones guys could've rewarded people who have been watching since the beginning with a little more care, little, most t low more tact. But let me this. I just read this really interesting article on scientific American and the guy his reasoning why people are hating game of thrones now. And he basically says the beginning seasons that had source material game of thrones was a sociological story, which is really hard to do. You know, it, it, it did things that no other show did, which is you start with these characters you get to trust these characters, and these characters are. Got a move the show forward except this show. They just fucking kill the characters now. You think are going to be the main pieces, and it, doesn't it doesn't in the first season, when that stark it doesn't again in the third season, rob stark, why does it work? Well, because you ask yourself with these sociological situations, it's not the independent personalities if you putting yourself in every character's point of view and saying, what would I do? You know what would I do? I was faced with this decision. Now, when they ran out a book this guy says, when. Watson penny off and try to end it. They took the Hollywood path where it turns into more of a psychological story, and not a sociological story, George gave him an outline. And basically, the story was there. The storytelling was not there because they end up going Hollywood teach us checking off boxes doing this doing this showing this. No nuance. No subtlety and part of it is because they didn't have enough time. The part of it is baby. They weren't as good writers as Georgia Martin is with his original material, I think that would happen is that when the first began the show, they had a it was wasn't really a pattern. But it was basically a trope where you would as soon as a character would start to gain some kind of really advantage it about obviously, what happens in real life. Yep. You know, setbacks occur. And then you have to regroup in background way. Yeah. Yes. So what happened was a lot of the pieces got taken off the board and the other people have to compensate. Yeah. So where areas starts to become an instrumental person where she was just a little girl and she grows in the passage. I'm now you see her grow and become more of Sansa. Same thing she goes through her thing, and she becomes a formidable person. So after you've grown all these characters now they refused to kill them, and they refuse to pass it on there's no one else to pass it on lie. A lot on stunts in the last season as opposed to storytelling, have my thoughts on this. I can't really speak to the sociological and psychological aspects because I just don't don't fully understand that point. Yet, I'd have to read that article I'll put it in the show notes. It's a it was a great article. I think what for me what hooked me on the show was the fact that. For six seven seasons. The good guy doesn't always win. Yeah..

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