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I handle it super fuckin easy michael all right i'm maybe we should ask katie work life balance i think number one you gotta love what you do right so if you love what you do if that's it'd be what would you do it all kinda blends together for one thing you're comfortable within yourself you're satisfied person that's by the way what makes you a great parent is not coming home and being a son of a bitch because you're pissed off what you did for the last twelve hours so i think that if you love what you do then you're kind of in satisfied content person and it just works it works itself out not go just real quick he gave more than he took oh my god i actually it's so interesting is that just an interesting guy man we should hang out were over but would you can't speak first because but one time i felt that in one of our exits somebody benefited more than i thought they deserved and my partner brought me back and said you know what if your tombstone reads here lies michael ob gave too many people too much what about that and i said you know when i could live with that but it works blocker not blockchain i'm extremely bullish i think that it's an obvious technology but i think there's a bunch of fucking losers in it right now at its earliest shit so it reminds me very early internet there's a bunch of club promoters and huckster real estate agents and social media experts.

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