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Also you have to if you listen to previous idea. Had if they would take these rounds shrink down into like thirty minutes or an hour I would watch. Yeah and they can still do that. Maybe that's what I'm saying. Well that's what I what I was getting ready to the whole time. Everything are points on the broadcast changing for. PG To are very well documented but if you're not the PG I mean I know the PGA tour but it's a different tour if you're not you know counting on people tuning in to watch tiger and all that you gotta do something different with it like it's gotta be we. It can be weird. It can be whatever like this week on Korn Ferry tour the PGA tour live is out there. They're like cycling. Halley ledbetter was on the coverage. Today there's cycling people in and out there kind of got. Yeah people rolling in Jakarta telling stories. It's not as much like all the detail stuff of all the things that are going on and around it it's different. It looks different. They did miked up coverage last we. We talked about it in the Bahamas. And you're actually hearing players conversations and stuff like try stuff like if you try some and it's a disaster which of reading going to go from point four or two point three nine five. Don't even know how things work but it's not it's going to be minimal. You've mental minimal down at the table. Who are in the boater are pretty much? Yes but that's Kinda the thing is like all you can do is is like drive them away by not innovating. They're doing something different do you know. What the big factor for me though is the course and I think that's you know it's what we talked? What about with the American Express this week where you know like the senior the shaming events that I will watch me? They're they're like a funky course. There's like a whole that plays a little weird. Maybe a tree in the middle of you know like something you gotta give me something if it's just flat and target golf and there's nothing nothing visually stimulating than allowed. LPGA it's like I. I think the more interesting venues you can get to the more you will draw in people like us us which I think goes hand in hand we say about the jail time but like the game. The champion store is not quite the same level. Like those guys still surprisingly like bomb. It Just because they're all in such good shape obviously but they Specimens LPGA especially like you're allowed to go to allow more different courses than infrastructure is not as big. The game is not as big literally. You know it's yeah. There's a lot of reasons to to shake things up one of the things. I took away from the capital coverage was like mark roughing having just felt like so loose in like Kinda in digi af mode a little bit like and a lot of that was just like. Oh come on Maui and everybody's laid-back back and Blah Blah Blah and. I know it's Kinda like a bit but it also like just made the whole thing seemed so much more accessible so much more enjoyable like you said like it doesn't have to be the all series entitles In fact like it shouldn't be exactly and yet may Sunday afternoon for sure. Yeah like Thursday afternoon unlike Dude Fried after the champions saying for the PGA tour to like any of these tours just on a Thursday afternoon. Friday afternoon Saturday Saturday morning to you gotta keep entertained with something like Brian. stuard like in t fifty three putting for par on six. That's not really. I'm going to do it last thing. I'll say I know we got some of the ground cover but in light of College Football National Championship game was couple of Mondays ago and ESPN offer a wide range of different telecasts for the game. In one. Of the telecast options which I watched was the coaches like essentially the coaches film room where they had four active coaches coach's sitting there watching the game all miked up and you're just essentially a fly on the wall watching coaches watch the game and it's like free idea for the chambers humans who are the. LPGA like get some personalities guys who've played get them in a room you know have food beer. And just you. Know telecast telecast those guys watching golf and I'm I'm watching that if if they're you know at all allowed to say what's on their mind and really be free like the to your points like mix up the broadcast Kit Monty and thereafter his rants over stuff like that would be awesome okay. We've we've put this off long impress busting at the seams here Bryson I don't know where what day this was. It has been it has been a while ago but Bryson while on twitch apparently he goes and plays forecast something sure would I don't know what twitches so it's like I I've heard it but I don't know what it is. I want to make fun of it. But it's a very big thing that people go online and and play video games and like it's streaming to watch other people play video games but it's excitement of it. Yeah it's like a streaming service of some kind. I don't I don't know exactly it shows Bryson. They're playing for nine and he's answering people's questions so it's like a live feed of somebody playing video games. Maybe yeah and he's been doing it in a bunch of people watch it and then recorded whenever he says something interesting and golf report it and he said somebody asked him something about bryce about Brooks and he says something like He's got no APPS APPS. I've got the body she. Have you seen the body. She's got no APPS I've got ads got reported everywhere and then Brooks just like ends ends. You met to speak on on Bryson's bath because he got his life ended by brooks replies. You're right I'm too short of six pack in posts a picture of his four major championships. uh-huh funny it's very funny. I think good on Bryson for stirring it up a little say I couldn't couldn't be more in the opposite camp of like. Please show me yourself. Playing Video Games. but good for Bryant like the clips seems like something that is like like a great thing for it to replace kind of interesting. It's kind of like he is on a podcast. Just Jigsaw just shooting the shit which at least some candidate answers. It's probably GONNA stop after after after the match. I like that. He's willing whether you know how tongue in cheek it is. I'm sure very but I I like that. He's willing to poke at another Premier Golfer. I also liked it. I'm really hoping that that twenty twenty becomes the year of Bryson just like continually having his. His textbook slammed out of his hands in the hallway. Always breath well. He's beefy though like it's hard to bully kids. Somebody tweeted though is like this is like the the nerd beefing up to fight the bullied. The can we just say this literally this is the weirdest quite literal weirdest flex ever at what point are ads. Important to to golf like this. And I don't want to overreact. He missed the cut in Abu Dhabi. But like this whole bryson beefing up thing seems weird misconstrued. Rude said that before the before the president's cupper in the preview where it was like. I don't think this is going to happen. We have a long way to go. But what if Bryson's game just like completely falls off the map and we're looking back in twenty five years and we're like dude. Do you remember Bryson. That guy was so good he he was so good and then just like what offseason he just wanted to put on like forty pounds and then he'd like disappeared was nuts. If that happens like that will be. I mean that's like Anthony Kim level stuff does any golfer like start lifting a ton of weights and do it for an extended extended period of time. A shout to the cat. I know I can say that but like getting hurt. Keeping Roy doesn't not do like the crazy lifting anymore. As far as I know. Is that how it works. I thought don't you have to like maintain tain I'm so out of my guys are cycling. That's not what I'm saying ready. You used that's your word is your word. I'm just saying like eventually start figuring out like. Oh Yeah I'm Kinda hurt. Their that hurts a little bit. And a lot of Roy's lifting I think it was misconstrued or misrepresented and that he was it was a lot of it like preventive. Like you know if you do this workout you need this one to make sure your back is balanced etc but he does not share the ribs are okay yeah he does not Do I don't think at least the same squad levels the same bench like all the glamour muscles just kind of stopped being a big focus and like brooks that is obviously Zia. Focus for him. He is hurt his wrist. He has hurt his knee. I don't know what the source of all these things are. But I just don't like for for golf. You don't ask you hurt. Doug Ugh you need to do this forever. What about stallings? That's yeah yeah is he. Like I wouldn't put him in crazy weightlifting category he. Here's like fitness freak of endurance and a burpee and all that shit all the. He's not like I don't think he's Olympic powerlifting. Exactly I don't think he's doing it to get swollen. He is a pretty swale he is but that's a little different I think. But how long has he done that for. It's been a few years. I think that's your point. We we gotta wait and see with Bryson. And but it's like if I'm mid twenties. I'm not like doing like. Is this your plan for when you're forty five or maybe you're done playing golf by the time forty five. But now I'm a bulky s golfers my that's my long-term play you know what I mean. Thick asks thick with three CS. Yeah I just don't I don't know I don't see the golf benefit of it. It seems maybe it's not a golfer. Vanity contest between Brooks in Bryson which is so so weird but in all honesty like wasn't that isn't that sorta the rumor with tiger is would hang around with MJ Barkley all the Quote Unquote like real athletes. He didn't look like a basketball player. Yeah so you wanted to lift. Look like real athlete. I don't know I think I think there's certainly vanity aspect I think entirely especially no Bryson did have a point of. ESPN the body issues. Like Kepco are you only doing curls roles is the only thing you're doing even have backs way into Oh there's that I didn't read it it is he can do whatever Couple more topics to get to Tommy Gainey won the I Bahamas event on Wednesday this past week..

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