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If you watch it yeah. After watching it i did. I did buy it. Okay yeah just 'cause it all it all happened so You don't see a moment in his brain where he was like. Fuck this guy out like it. Was seamless jot. It ought to check it out I asked because you know back in in in a while back when fighters would fight. I believe in strikeforce or when they had quick turnaround fights because they were part of a tournament ballot for like elbows. Wouldn't be allowed. And usually if i recall. Nobody really Delivered the elbow. Oh man. I'm so used to fighting with elbows. That's my bad dog. So for a while there i thought fighters maybe just had a little bit better restraint but How many fighters that we've seen keep hidden until they peel you off because you really are in that mode you know without having ever needed I would never know but You can usually tell. I think at least our eyes are trained for that. And you can usually tell if that's what you say you saw on with you. A shotgun and anderson a few times like they were gonna go for not anderson. Sorry vanderlei they look like they were gonna go for a soccer kick and then kind of pulled back a little bit so they were able to restrain themselves a little bit but it was a couple times. I think they caught that lake back then. Just realized that. I can't do that here. Do you remember wants one championship. Drive us deal. I think you had to ask or they would tell you. It is okay for you to partake in a soccer kick. And then you throw like there. Was this one moment of hesitation. That's asking a lot. You know what i mean by the way kudos to all the rest of the world that have about them you know they have to be programmed is to what they're calling Kick boxing mma boxing. The different rules that are around. You know one knee down or sorry One hand down versus two hands knuckles vs on my gosh. That must be a nightmare. If you haven't really if you haven't compartmentalized shut everything off for the fight starts in your halfway through youth. I why that that's gotta be. I dunno nightmarish but anyway All right let's talk a little bit about some of the news. that's out there. Start with a little twitter. Like gilbert burns neil magny. I guess it does boil down to every once in a while two fighters or just looking for someone to fight and yeah. If everyone's busy there's nothing wrong with a higher ranked fighter calling calling out someone below him. I wish more fighters would actually do that to stay busy. I think it's gonna happen. It shouldn't be the norm. I think if gilbert does this then he's in a position where he doesn't have to do it for at least his next three fights but every once in a while like with crude with casey kenny. You know like yeah kinda fight everyone else. Everyone else either busy or injured this guy. You know like So i liked that. It was headed that way except You know it's still turned into a little bit of a twitter beef kinda funny I mean in this particular case. Neal manages the guy that everybody feels like. We'll step in at anytime anyplace he's a fun match up so i kind of dug it honestly when he said like i understand gilbert burns position where he's at Again i think he just wants to make money and nomad means a tough fight is by no means. I think Would you say. I'll watch. Neil just kind of big and little whinging fruit or anything like you. You're going to be in for a fight with neil magny so you definitely you're taking somewhat of a chance considering these the higher ranked opponent but it would be be down with it. Here's a window. I'd be down as well. I agree and you'll magnesia longtime veteran. You know like he. He's he may be in the rankings. But he's not a scrub Dorino says starting to get that again but everyone that i call is busy And then you got the eyeballs rights. At neil rang unlike. Is you down like that. Doubling neil magny replies spent all that all that time chasing I've been ready So i guess that was a little bit of a job and so neil. Aside torino governor burns comes back. And says i don't like the way you sound. You might just lost opportunity. Should be more thankful next time like scolding somebody you know and neil magny says i need dates. I can care less about callouts Kinda i guess what it ends. I mean burns does a have your manager calling the oc than clown and It was kind. Good for a giggle. I read it how they said it in how i would picture them saying it. So it was. It was funny. You know bomb clown so many old adjectives that you could use. That have been around for a long time when they still work. There's something about being called the clown though. It's like a dummy. Where when you hear it the first thing you think is ain't no clown like i don't know why that comes out of you but when you see stupid clown emoji it. So finding man i dunno. I love that back. Yeah i I hear you. I mean think about it. If let's say you're at I always use walmart. You know 'cause. I think there's one in every state so i was gonna say albertson's but at walmart walmart and yet like five things in your cart quick visit but if you're standing there kind of in a good food you just forgot to pick up five things just a quick stop Near there and you see the checker tell the other guy a close but but the closed sign up. you know. i ain't trying to help this clown. That's really harmless. He's really he just wants to be closed anyway. He.

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