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World from the internet to the digital world artificial intelligence. It CISCO's Arash joining the company when it had seventy million sales and four hundred people. And in growing the company would agree. Start from very simple terms that allowed networks to be able to talk to each other primarily in universities, etc. And it's really the geeks that's where that was happening. The internet was happening. Exactly. And what I saw at Cisco was a chance to make this mainline. And when we said Cisco and the internet would change the way the world works lives, learn some lays early nineties. People thought we were out in left field as turned out it did you were making the slain, what you in a very simple way, what you all made. It allows the the, it's the backbone, it's the stoplights, the move data around the world to get your data from wherever you started to. It ends up in the right location. And then we moved from just making a backbone, the routers into switching, did acquisitions in Silicon Valley. We were the ones that wrote the text book on how to do aquisitions. Then we moved into voice over the internet and video over the net then at the data center then in discouraging Claverie. And so it was an honor being part of growing the. Company from seventy million in sales to forty eight billion for people to about seventy five thousand people. We won most of the top financial words in terms of market capitalisation, ensuring that with employees and also the top corporate social responsibility awards from Cisco did though was really it was sort of the quieter member like the big companies like Yahoo and eventually Google and others got all the attention because they were the consumer facing. This is go really was the background. We were the ones that made a work for business and we were business focused on it and for a brief time where you the most valuable company in the world, and we took technology and said, here's how it's going to change the way you work live, learn and play, and and we had a blast doing. So you did how many acquisitions over the course. One hundred and eighty honored to be a lot of the textbooks written about it. Oracle would say they model their position motto after us, and now acquisitions are logical way to grow cares. You know, back in the ninety s almost all failed. So we. How are we going to do it differently? And we begin to do something that refers to little bit that I'm trying to teach now is get a replicator innovation playbook for anything you do, whether it's how you do acquisitions and steady and while most of them feel and what are you going to differently? How you digitize a country, how your number one or number two and every product or you go into eighteen major products? No companies ever done that before since low barriers to entry. And we had a lot of fun doing it. There's also substitute as you know, being in this industry for number of years, it being in the right spot at the right time, right? Excuse managers, where's this go? Now what I mean? Obviously you tried, you moved into voice. You moved into video and different things like that. You also tried to move into media that didn't work that didn't work quite as well, that some of the media stuff you all the German. There was so many products. It's just pad that that well, yes, and by the way, what Cisco does and in one of the important things on the transition to the new leadership is I watched while most of these companies failed. Leadership and the co. These the CEO who brought him from a very small company to a very large company has to be very careful in the transition next leader. And as you know, the industry's littered most almond failed. And so when we decided to make that transition at Cisco, we said, we want to do this in a way. Others have not. We wanted it to be a Harvard casebook steady. We were to close to Stanford people to sit home cooking, and it was saying we did a very smooth transition. But part of it was also one set nj. She was over to give the reins to new leadership and to step away, and it's their company to run in..

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