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The website, and there's a contact page on there. Tells you how to get a hold of us in or you can send the photo a good time to also start trimming are trees. Yeah. You can be pruning any dormant tree. I just don't pray in my evergreens yet. Wait till later in the winter for that. But you don't want to cut trees can be done now. Yeah. Well, thank you. I hope so and get luck with your issues. All right. Bye. Bye. Okay. Let's go to Janice and elegant. Hey, janice. Thanks for waiting. Hi. This is Denise Denise. I'm calling about a similar question. It's about weeds that are coming up in the lawn, and it's not really a lawn. It's more of just a a weed patch. You know, my front yard is Wade patch. But at at one time several years back we were pulling up what we're now calling for Serb Davey and frog fruit and things like that. Because they were we'd now they're like, okay. These are nice little Brown's covers. It's I'm wondering if some of these other things that are coming up, and I think that late in may have been talking about what I call him bit. Oh, you know, what I didn't even think about that. But yes, hand bids probably a very good guess on that. But there I'm wondering if there's another if there are new weeds that we're now going to, cultivate, as good ground cover for grassy areas that where the brash is not doing well Kim bit is kind of tall and lanky. So you gotta keep it mode. You don't see pretty purple flowers? But do you have any others that are like starting to become more popular than I haven't heard of that? I'm pulling up as wage that I shouldn't be. Well, that is a huge question. I think it would entirely depend upon what's in your yard. Certainly the little. Clover. Fish plants that I've been talking about in the name, which I know as well as kids name is the yellow and purple, and they look like clover. But they have these little flowers those are very good and their native than everybody freaks out when they see him. But would that be the bur clover? No clovers has got more of a reddish it forms an actual Burr. Kind of all over. I've got a ton of that. Yeah. That. Mm. I think you've hit the main ones the other little ground native ground covers that might be. Would be the native that again a nitrogen fixing plant. It could be the the little straggler daisy. Are the Hamanaka sending to say Hamanaka? Stacey is absolutely fabulous. And that could possibly be coming up little yellow flowers. You know, the the website wildflowers dot org. From the lady bird Johnson Wildflower center. It's invaluable, and it's a good way to to identify things. And find out what you have and the other one. That's just amazing. Although it is from Austin towards the hill country is Marshall Enquist Wildflower book that each area has its own sort of typical weenie plants and Elgon is different than up here on the plateau. It's different. So you might have a little bit of an issue identifying with some of the books that are specific. But the other one is wildflowers the one that gay Itta gills for road called wildflowers of Texas, which has colored edges where the colors of the flowers. So there's something flowering. You can get hurt book, and you can just open to the red section or the yellow section or something. Yeah. Very much. You're welcome. Thanks for calling Bye-bye. Okay. Five one two eight three six zero five ninety Leander. Pays precious..

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