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In in quote Unquote Expert Leagues. You're just not going to get those guys eat nap. There are ways to win in fantasy football draft quarterback. Early, you'll see a big one of the things going around in best ball from from fantasy twitter and fan the fantasy community is achieved stack almost drafting two or even three chiefs in the first three rounds by going with tyreek, Hill Travis Kelsey and Patrick Mahomes. Maybe you do collide Edwards. Larry tyreek Hill Patrick Mahomes. There are ways to to kind of do a super high up stack like that. It's particularly risky in the time of Kobe to do something like that put all your eggs in one basket but frankly the opportunity cost of drafting a quarterback that early, it really hurts you at the other positions especially running back and wide receiver. That's why I don't like doing it in Rossi had. The the the thing people always going to say to you. Well, you know I had more last year and I had Patrick Mahomes the year before and those guys were the reason I want my fantasy championship. True One, hundred percent true. That's why I have them ranked number one and number two mahomes actually number one but I mean against leading hairs like I talked about a little bit earlier. But when you drafted Patrick Mahomes two years ago where together. Tenth Round Eleventh. Round when you drafted Lamar Jackson last year where'd you get them? Ninth? Round. Ten. Round that that's part of the reason if not, the reason you want your fantasy championship at these guys. Yes they scored a ton of points but you weren't hurting running back and you weren't hurting at wide receiver. They just help put your team over the top into that near unbeatable zone. That's what happened with those guys. So this year they're super expensive I am going to pass. I'm not naive enough to think there's another Lamar or another mahomes on the. Board somewhere. However, I going to take the opportunity to try to find somebody who seventy percent of Lamar or seventy percent of Patrick Mahomes, and I am going to build my roster much stronger running backs and wide receivers. So in most leaks, I am not going to be drafting quarterbacks from Yes. You can win by doing it. Yes. If you have a keep relief for sure but that is not how I would recommend. You do a fantasy football team this year. Tiered you've got four guys, Dak Prescott, Tyler, Murray Russell, Wilson, the Shawn Watson. All those guys give you some kind of a running element. Yes, and I think if people were to say, well, here's the next Lamar Jackson people are going to say it's Kyla Murray. The problem is everybody is looking for that next Lamar Jackson Kyle Murray's ADP qb three q before. So he is very expensive this year and I know you've had Greg Cosell on the podcast and He wrote a piece for US fantasy points dot com where he said do this guy's got a lot of out but he's got a lot to work on and with the off season you wonder. Could he get off to a little bit of a slow start? So you're not getting of Murray at a discount with this tear Ross..

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