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Have to get a wine license in addition to other permits the new law goes into effect next year Deborah mark KFI news check out a brush fire in the five and to stay at this started for men a transformer that exploded along the five big I had died Castaic lake this is right at lake Hughes road things like user let me double check that either this lake Hughes road on the east side of the freeway so watch out there no word as to whether it's affecting the power in that area but if you see the city flames notice that there's a power outage you can give us an update on the routes saving you time traffic line eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three was a getting reports of another brush fire along the four oh five freeway on the northbound side near Skirball center people are calling saying there were saying a bunch of smoke coming off of the right shoulder area so watch out there fire crews are probably arrive shortly just to make sure nothing gets crazy and they also another problem this is along the five heading south bound at Rosecrans and they Downey area to what degree across the two right lanes to watch for delays KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I mean to Martinez check out your getting hot forecast next for all your vehicle care you need experience honesty and integrity certified female friendly mandatories Cressman auto care rockstar technicians you can trust and Cressman auto care dot com no concert is complete without great tunes your friends and the perfect drink in hand stop by the party rock your nearby concert venue this summer to try one of our signature cocktails and take home a limited edition hearty Cuban here while you're at it try our new with labor party line.

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