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Now got passed over to beat from press secretary because the press corps, frowns upon multiple uses of the word. Adam Corolla the ad get it. All got to get it on a judgment. On this have the show brought to you by rocket mortgage shave club and simply safe and Castrol as well. Good day, Gina grant Hugh. Where how my phone? Rick Fox partner's coming in talking about all this gaming and all that's going on at a talk with max. Pat, basically, the Super Bowl of gaming was the second most watched program after the Super Bowl really worldwide that's make century start factoring in China and all that kind of stuff, but still nuts pretty soon, start calling the Super Bowl the football. Yes. I it really. I mean the notions gonna fall down the ladder. You know what I mean? Yeah. No, I mean that's I know it sounds like Pro Bowl gate right now. But it is the Super Bowl of the gaming things. Go to take over head Harrity has a these guys are going to get millions of dollars team owners like Rick Fox are going to be multi Jillian airs for owning gaming teams. It's, it's all there. It's all we're showing concussion fuzziness say. Free certainly a former football hotbeds, California. A lot of parents aren't letting their kids play just the town's going to dry up. Well, not only that, but the simulation of violence. So violence is such a strong part of our DNA. It's obviously not acceptable in our civilized, society. There's no jousting or dueling or you know, on guard or my second. So call your seconds at dawn, I swear to God, I think my biggest problem with dueling would be dawn. Yeah, I'd be like for me like we're both gonna take musket pistols, and we'll take ten paces. I'd be like yeah. Okay. And we go back to back and we take ten paces, and we turn, and we exchanged shots of musket balls. That'd be okay. And then they'd be like Scholl. Have my seconds. Visit you at dawn, and I'd go. Ooh, I'm on board on board. The more the all all of it. I like I like the like the knee high pants on the shoes with the buckles. I like the high socks this, this thing, first off, can we get a Cup of Mead and us coffee or whatever some grueling us on up sundown? I'm just I'm not a morning dealer. So. This is going to get you. We love violence, and it's not acceptable. But we shall simulate the violence, and this is how we shall simulate it. All right. I have some clips and some stuff I was thinking about something we haven't visited in a long time. I don't know. I just found this interesting talk into Nate over at the other shop about doing a series about cars and cars that were lost, and we're gonna do some series with the history channel the cars, and the stories and the baba blonde. That's interesting stuff, one of the first ones they wanna do is James, dean's five fifty spider. Porsche Spyder probably retails. I mean, not with his name on it just a five fifty spider in sort of that, trim that he got it in probably about a four million three point five to four million dollar car today. James Dean, bought it like nineteen fifty five. He went and drove it to button, willow, which is not near which is sort of little pass willow springs. I marvel at the two places in the entire San Fernando Valley, where I could buy European hinges.

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