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We talk a lot about the austin's for good reason we talk about the defense because the wade phillips but the special teams to me over these past couple of gains has really been incredible do they have their own nickname due to have their own sense of belonging when a team at us sniff me higher than what you will find other special teams other teens walked johnny hacker mcquaid the wall snapper and great wine are inseparable uh they only park reach other and they have their own language they are asked what we are at a couple of that with bone faa who talk to the rest of a group and really get them going on covered unit evertonian at some of the things we're doing and returned you see at arizona had the book kick on kick off the cape peril cooper away from the return vat how you negate from ones returned game as you book kick it it can strict everything and you can't get into those lanes than you make guys half ago you know in through a scrum to get out of there so you're seeing pain with changed their kickoff patterns johnny hacker uh came up huge last night i don't know how if you guys know how big this is there was a time when arizona had momentum uh they were back the rams are backed up and patrick peterson is standing in the middle of the field getting ready to feel the point well that's dangerous if he if he puts us in the middle of the field peterson who's going to return less free the big yards or score with it johnny hector points right punts back to his left and absolutely fools patrick peterson great point flip field position gave the defense a chance to get on the field and get out so special teams has been coming along they won the game in jacksonville for you they kept you in the game in arizona and this is a great special teams group beckett dam near bteams on the road now with an offense and where the defense look at no secret no shock you have nine wins.

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