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Abortion laws supposed to take effect today in Arkansas temporarily blocked by a federal judge just before midnight one would ban abortions at eighteen weeks of pregnancy another prohibits abortion sought because the fetus was diagnosed with down syndrome this is fox news Carolina's bathroom bill fox's Evan brown has the story a federal judge signs off on a deal ending a lawsuit by trans gendered plaintiffs over the so called bathroom bill which required people use public restrooms as per birth gender that law will be rendered ineffective by the settlement in which the plaintiffs agreed to drop their suit governor Roy Cooper praises the move saying there's nothing in North Carolina law preventing people from using facilities according to gender identity a state trooper remains hospitalized following a serious crash Monday trooper Christopher Wheeldon was thrown from his motorcycle after he was hit by a pick up truck during a chase in Charlotte WSOC TV reports she underwent link the surgery Tuesday but he's said to be improving a Winston Salem man must pay up for the damage he did to a historical landmark rob Stadler has more the Cape Hatteras lighthouse is on national park land so when thirty nine year old Cheney under what was tracked down and charged with vandalizing the original bronze door the landmark he appeared in federal court under what pleaded guilty this month to etching the initials S. E. F. on the door with a pocket knife last year he won't serve any jail time but he must pay nearly two thousand dollars to repair the damage and server years probation I'm rob Stadler the Panthers report for training camp today down in Spartanburg South Carolina all players report the same day this year with the first practice tomorrow the Panthers will kick off their preseason at the Chicago Bears August eighth with continuing news updates on Kyle Wilson from the J. D. service now plumbing heating and air conditioning traffic center interstates remain in good shape no problems there got an accident pool road in Bethlehem road road hazard Newport Avenue at Raleigh Boulevard another one St St near Martin Luther king Boulevard I'm Scott Burnett a one oh six one FM talk what are now settling in the clouds break up we'll go with a few clouds and sunshine later this morning into the afternoon noticeably less humid eighty for tonight clear comfortable sixty three Thursday sunny eighty six hi meteorologist.

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