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Is used a lot. So many things to talk about. It's time to really emphasized. I got a lot of people that I say over the next two days we'll call in because they have sent pictures. They asked for permission. They sent pictures. After that. I've seen him blind in here and They're buried, so they have to call in and pulled up. They're buried over another 100 e mails, but we will talk to a lot of people. This is a good thing in a bad thing about their treat problems and in almost every case These trees are buried and died. Mulch. The root systems are buried in died. Mulch multiple Keano's just not looking for any route flares and the trees are not healthy and these people would be wrong with the tree. And, uh, first and foremost, you're poisoning that tree. I cannot emphasize this enough. I don't know what's going on out. There is just one person after another call, showing me pictures of sickly looking trees. And the first thing I khun detectives that they're buried and died months you might need to get a tree company out there to Ah, looking at one picture on the Internet, so to speak, is not going to give you the full answer. You need You hear a lot of tree companies advertised on radio shows both sports and niche radio shows such as this, Um I ask you this very sincerely. Don't just go with one company in terms of making a phone call call and get at least two bids. Three. If they're all possible, it's a really It's a great education on tree care, because, unfortunately, I can't stop them from advertising on this particular program. But their other tree companies out there that think, Okay, I'll put my ad on the garden show because people are listening like that were pretty particular about who you calling tree care because we know a couple of things one. They're going to take really good care of the garden line audience and two They're going to give you the best price possible. And if you don't believe me on that, put him to the test. Make sure affordable tree service is one of the companies you call for a bit 713699 to 663. I'll do that again. Slowly so you can write it down. But those of you who have been worried about hurricane preparedness were still in that priority service mode, and you heard Nicki's talking about some tropical disturbances. Heading this way. We're not out of the woods yet. When it comes to hurricanes, he's dude. You see that out of the woods yet? I just caught my own little John and innuendo. Country care when really not out of the woods yet when it comes to hurricane preparedness, so you need to call them and ask for the priority service because your garden line listener when it comes to having trees cleaned up, thinned out for hurricane season. Major tree pruning time does not happen for at least at least another 35 45 days, and I'm hoping we get a cool enough front here by October 1st that we can open that window for Normal major tree pruning, But whatever you do use affordable tree service is one of the two or three companies you call forbid it will be so educational. There are sadly, some people that hear other advertisements for tree coming. They're going to be so overbid. There's one company we know always. In a simple It's always double unaffordable street service. Vince Why wouldn't you want to go with the best deal possible in the same kind of work that has to be done? 713699 to 663 so back to my other point on the march? And there's a little bit of misinformation out there about The name of a certain mulch and it being died. Let me start with its not. It's called black Velvet. It's from landscapers, pride, landscapers. Pride has a lot of quality products that are not died. Mulch like Black velvet. So if you're going to listen to guard line and you're going to look for the names of products that are not died mulch, I invite you to look for the trusted name in landscapers pride. You could go to the website landscapers pride dot com to learn more about their wide array their products and To find a.

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