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Morning I'm Clark read for Brad Burkhart this morning Healdsburg college student who started her own cheese cake business as a way to pay for schools given a sweet surprise on ABC's Good Morning America twenty one year old Annemarie a moralist started or dessert business as a senior in high school made enough to pay our way through Santa Rosa junior college the first in her family to do so will start soon at UC Berkeley and moralis tells GMA she's made thousands of cheese cakes it's me myself and I baking in boxing and delivering and decorating and it's been a lot of work but I love with our what I love what I do and it shows that you find all this and I am a firecracker I mean she was given a ten thousand dollar check as well as a set a KitchenAid appliances in her favorite color cherry red in the future she hopes to grow our business and help others like her get an education the retail Titan behind Victoria's secret said the financier Jeffrey abstain mis appropriated vast sons of his fortune while managing his personal finances Ohio billionaire Leslie Wexner said in a letter Wednesday he recovered some of the funds but severed ties with that scene in two thousand seven as a sexual abuse allegations first surfaced against him in Florida Wexner says he regrets ever crossing abstains path and was sickened by obsidian's alleged abuse of dozens of underage girls a new twenty four hour wildfire cameras now in place of top pull mountain in Santa Rosa the camera sits on the fire look outside use for decades to small wildfires in some of some of the county's most remote locations it displays a three hundred sixty degree view of the coastal hills from the highest point of the cinema coast and she seems every fifteen seconds at a large computer screen the press Democrat reports it's the only one in the county that automatically rotates on its axis providing full coverage of the coastal hills cinema county now has twelve while their cameras and there are actually two hundred twenty around California with many more on the way the fire is still most likely to be reported by someone who sees a smoker flames first hand since the cameras are not watched around the clock but they do play an important role in helping officials understand where the fire is burning how it might behave and how it might best be attacked okay Joe's Terry Ross reports.

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