Eric Dickerson, Jeff Fischer, Los Angeles discussed on espnW presents Be Honest with Cari Champion - Bad & Boujee With Todd Gurley: 1/26/17


Indeed the players say they didn't want eric dickerson on the sidelines is that true that was the initial roma that would air dickerson was told by jeff fischer so was a truth that's all i want enough todd growing on beyond his to answer that question would actually happen what's next for los angeles rams everybody i this is the first time guest for us were excited i we haven't had a new guest in a while on the podcasts todd girlie rams running back joins us now behalf of the gillette clinical a clear jail no no white marks hilas you know that no white marks meanwhile los angeles rams let's make sure this clear now since since both live in los angeles in there's another team in la now we'll get to that in just a few moments but todd talk to me about let's get right to talk to me about this season how frustrating was it arm pretty arthur brenner corridor on her to her and warne who warned forward gird and and and and you know cowan on uh bought a guy who threw wanted no only only one wandering were non so it was it was definitely toe i read it but you know you have great years have barriers and you know we're not apart from you know going through it in their enough for school you know deep pessimism from try to tap regret offseason shoulder brown spent so when you said the frustrated with the offense and you said it was like eighth grade offense i believe that was the quote what happened would lead you to that point on you know there's just the way we play um you know think do number week before we ain't ate the patriots school when pushed touchdown um.

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