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Walk in front of wraparound seat made Nielsen Nikolai Dobrev in the far corner. Putting it around the nearside cannon hill puppet out of his own kill Sergeyev to retrieve drifting by the lighting up. He gets checked a bit by Adam guard that gets help from cooter couldn't clear. Elden Antoine Roussell left circle little feat Virtanen darts by rapper on try made by Celeski, and he gets a quick whistle. Sneaky little right there from pretended. No scoring the first. And made a really nice play. He kind of red in Saudi and Gerardi standing there and got back door to a little bit on his way to the net. But good on basil of ski to stay with them and see that puck through. Not sure if the rebound got outside his glove. But a nice little scoring opportunity there. On the other side, though, Victor Hedman ignani gored with one of the best chances so far in the first period. Been trying to catch Nelson going one way, and then Yanni gore trying to capitalize on the rebound in front. Patterson wins. The offense is face up grabbing at his JT Miller darts out to center, maybe a two on one across the line, right circle. Fumbles the puck. He collects it again, right corner turnpike, right point, right? So gonna Miller whole cuts in front of Africa. Lauren deflected on that same day by Nielsen? And Josh Leo came over from Toronto at a trade a few weeks ago clears it to center ice and Besser sweeps it in lightning generating a lot of early chances Miller and other us to Anthony Sara Lee center, ice he'll Janet energies Torelli after right corner. Cross as Colin porno left circle. Mcdonagh shoots block confront rebound is going to score T left point pass mishandled by mcdonagh. Tyler the conducts flew back to the late again morally scoreless. I mcdonagh back in front of the lightning net. Looking things over hands off to Anton scrawling on the right wing back for mcdonagh. Doesn't like what he sees eagle pursues. Mcdonagh. Got a chip back for straw, man. Who drifts in front of the lightning gold plating skate left right in the first straw out to center ice cross as speed is blocked. Oh, by grandma railing on the counter to lightning right circle shot blocked by mcdonagh. And it deflects out of play sixteen fifty nine left in a scoreless. First. Fortunate that that kind of went out of play was intended for Adam Ernie trying to clear out of his own in the neutral zone. And it gets intercepted. Chance going the other way. But. Lightening style with some of the best chances in this game. So far some great opportunities in front Victor Hedman Yanni, Gordon. And obviously outscoring on that last shift had a great try. He's at nineteen points looking to make it twenty there. Seven lightning players right now with twenty plus points on the team. Cannon for tannin to the left of ASA last week. And it's going to be kind of tie up comes from new Martell. He'll touch it down the as to the conduct said, here's good Branson. Punching into the neutral zone. Victor Hedman is the air quick middle. Adam already crossed the Vancouver lines. Exactly. The way right circle birdie strong behind the net to the left circle is checked by tannan Hutton steel rattled to the near corner and Erica Branson, a pass out to center ice provin knocks down forces it back in but gobin is there right wing. Good Branson middle for tannin to settle Jake Britannic lifted in no score. And the first first year pro playing in the NHL played his college hockey, northeastern east check by the lighting net. Headman grabs it and punches it out to setup Besser though in the counter cross, the Leo shooting eight made us less. He many holds on sixteen ten left in a scoreless. First. Test for lefty Besser made a really good play and kind of capitalize on the past had been attempted to clear it. But the puck didn't get out of the neutral zone ambassador came right back on the counter attack and set up for a nice shot on goal basil. D quick to swallow up the rebound stamkos in Patterson to the rate. Of ASA Laskey fifty fifty. That's actually put it behind the lightning at Girotti is there for yada gaurd at the right wing board pedals out to center ice. He's tied up gets help from Polat plot it in we're getting a penalty Koldo what Gordon was tied up. He was held by Besser. So the light new been scorching hot on the power play in recent games in the main advantage seven power play goals scored in their last four games. They're up to thirty point five percent. Holding on Besser conducts their twenty-second of the penalty kill seventy seven point four percent. But they've got six straight games without allowing a power play goal. And he talked about the emergence of Jay beagle. After missing some injuries. But he's a huge part of their penalty. Kill. Yeah. Penalty in the neutral zone that Brock Besser doesn't want to have to take us pretty frustrated with it. But once that right hand grabbed Johnny Gordon one hand on him. He's got one hand on a stick the officials right in front of an easy. Call to make their put Johnny Gordon and tough situations. Base comes to snap shots. Nielsen. The rebound is loose. It got swatted up the middle by grandma but blocking it had been nicely set. A point keeps it alive for kucherov, right circle, right corner. Gord off his stick tuck break and will deliver it out down the far side the ice that was kind of appeasement for beagle. But it bounced cross as right to stamp goes in the lighting at another net front play the Nielsen prevented from going in the net. Yanni Gordon to center ice is the power play continues drops kucherov who has to reel it in and regroup in front of his own minute. Twenty-five left in the lighting power play. No score in the first drop passes headman making way to center ice. Now disappoint brought the Buluan kucherov protects it at the center point lost the handle. At the center ice Louis Erickson, maybe three onto across Erickson lot circle high slot shot from Canada. Lila penalty, come up in the lightning lighting need to touch it and Kucha. Well, kind of had frustration shoots it down the ice toward Nielsen who was stolen the cage turnover the neutral zone or just at the offensive blue line. I should say chance of gory. Go for slashing leading to one zero six four on four times. That's a tough play. I mean, they've been calling that all year and last year, obviously gorge gets a good slash on his stick because it's three onto going. The other way doesn't really have a choice, but to try to disrupt the shot from the high slot coming in on bass last. It may have in fact infected affected the shot a little bit he missed high and wide. But now it's gonna be four on four hockey knocks out power play, pending, Marcus cranley Tyler Johnson left the vassal Laskey. Johnson out. So it will be polite and Graham one. Grantland wins. It good Branson to the right point four. Here to the right circle. Barrels by the neck, Branson, left circle is checked by plot. Lightning. Looking for the puck Johnson. Couldn't get it out. Delve into the left point by tannan across a speed looking for grantland. Mcdonagh takes it away for plot. The middle turned actor center Archer neck returns cross unless let's go turnout. Open shoots by Nielsen. Another great opportunity. Fraternity Virtanen carries it out to center ice collides with the wines. Men and loses the puck in the process look to counter mcdonagh. Fraternity. He'll regroup in a lightning zone is Tampa Bay gets a change in twenty seven seconds. The are on the power play. But here's Cologne up the across shot blocked Antoine. Roussell the longtime Dallas start that strict by serenity serenity plus Lorna shop walk worn and the rebound left circle protects it walks it to the left point passes reading blocked by Tanna, spins it out Roussell to center back for Christina relating zone penalty coming up again in the lightning. A little centering Pete skipped through conducts. We're going to get a five on three your Adler centers. It headman touches it. And it's going to be a fifty three second five on three Vancouver. Alex chlorine is going to go to the box here. After he tries to make a centering pass in the offensive zone. I think he comes back. I don't know if it was a slasher high stick it looks like on resell back checking back through the neutral zone. It is a two minute minor. But it's still dicey situation here for the lady or going to be down to bad for fifty three seconds. Conducts are coming off their best powerplay performance of the year. They scored three power play goals here on Sunday against Edmonton four thousand seraglio right about Celeski one by Horvat. Alex Adler sets up to the left point break point Besser. He can drilling a walk high flock of circle it's leaves cross as speed horrid got it. Back to leave left circle point Besser right point, Adler, thirty six in the five on three right circle. Pederson high slot Basser broke his stick as he shoots comes to leave blocker the way by McDonalds trying to keep it a lot Girardi. It's taken away by. Oh, that's what gets a new stick. Josh level of circle the point Adler right point, Besser Besser high slot, right circle. Patterson shoot, save Lasky. Rebound Pederson the right corner slider back to Adler right point, ten the five on three Adler, right circle. Patterson centers that level off his stick evil again left corner. Dangerous plays here. One man about to come. Back. That's the right circle. Tease. It up shoot say by philosophy with the Gloviczki holds on and at the whistle. The first penalty is up so can regroup now get fresh guys out on the big c there for vast sea to get the whistle. One away left on the and minor still doing scores. Really nice save their by Andrei vasilevskiy. He is kind of scrambling after trying to get back in his right position. But the lightning doing a pretty good job who was Torelli. Mcdonagh and Gerardi out there. Trying to take away those lanes and making that cross ice feed partner for the connects to make pocket wins this defensive zone off good job. I haven't used glass that down the far sideline three ice one minute remaining on this Vancouver. Powerplay Ben Hutton takes over in front of the net. A path. At the center ice is blocked by Yanni, Gordon. He punches it. Right back in again. Mind his own pressured by gourd pivot behind the Vancouver goal. Forty-three seconds left in the PowerPoint left side alad Marcus grandma, set across the balloon Loui Eriksson point sweeps by the lightning net. Headman after it crashed a pop up the far wall will go to keep right corner. Centerpoint hunting for Nikolai Dovan rape pointy cross as feed gut love circles, centerpoint hot and left circle. God that centerpoint hot and shoot to flex and save made by Vasyl Lasky that change directions. A couple of times in the read on his grabby cleared by gaurd down the far side of the I still don't score thirteen seconds left in the Cologne. Minor peddler another rush website helicopter to send them proc Besser handed excuse me. Lost it the following up. His antoine. Roussell appoint point found ways up punch it to lightning far corner. Mcdonagh's there for turnout he'll delivered to coordinate center ice up the middle seraglio escape for tannin. Has it back on the lightning?.

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