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Sea one the USS Chancellorsville that's United States Navy staging of freedom of navigation operation in the Taiwan Strait to answer we can presume the people's Liberation Army navy staging its carrier battle group through the same T. what Thailand's stray some weeks past and now this new headline from the people's liberation army's global times this is a fully owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party the global times rumored P. LA drills bland on don Shaw island spark fear in Taiwan so bad Japanese media on Tuesday claimed in a report that the Chinese people's Liberation Army will hold military drills for a takeover of Donncha islands occupied by Taiwan in August captain this appears to be the Chinese threatening Taiwan but if I read your article in the glow in the real clear politics correctly it's about the South China Sea what has China done to assure its domination of this room the water way good evening to you well good evening John thank you so much for having me on tonight you know it's an exciting time it's a sporty time right now in the South China Sea China is quite active you somewhat similar to in terms of the behavior of the types of activities that is done in the past here's what's interesting here's what's going on now it makes things particularly interesting and this is what is impacting not only the South China Sea but in the East China Sea by Taiwan and then further up to the yellow sea China has announced a fishing ban that is going to that is in effect from now until mid August time frame China has had a fishing ban for many years yeah at this time of year it's it normally enforces this fishing ban against its own vessels and stops its own fishing boats from going out but now what it appears to be doing is asserting its own domestic law over the international maritime Commons and you're starting to see China push against international law throughout the South China Sea but also into the East China Sea intermarriage again around the Simpson kaku islands recently and these are all very related activities the other part you raise are about the military activities that are going on it over at the island ever don't shy island which is the Taiwan to call private island this is also a time of year where we're China does exercises but China has been rattling its sabre quite loud in the last few months as this corona viruses spread around the world hi China is not happy right now with how much positive attention Taiwan is getting on the world stage for its response in its effective response to corona virus China wanted to be the mouth piece Beijing want to be the mouth piece of all of China and yet Taiwan showed how to actually address some of the challenges and Taiwan is being is pursuing a greater voice in the international community and Beijing doesn't like it and they're doing their best to trying quite time one down I think the exercise we are about to see down a dorm style and is a bit of messaging to Taiwan say and get back in the box I think that's were were start to see right now down in that region you report there's an ongoing negotiation for a code of conduct with the ten eighteen nations what is that to be sure the code of conduct is actually a set of discussions that has been actually ongoing since nineteen ninety nine occurred back in the early nineteen nineties ultimately in about two thousand two they signed what was called the declaration of conduct and it was a watering down of how you're going to operate in the South China Sea what if peers now is that China is really pushing to have this code of conduct finalized here within the next three to four years what China is sitting at sitting in a position of strength and it is now asserting its domestic laws in trying to control areas of the South China Sea through things like this fishing banned by establishing administrative districts and the more that it can establish control especially of the South China Sea the more it can do emasculate this code of conduct and so as the nations of ASEAN and China finally come to an agreement on a code of conduct it essentially will be ineffective in stopping China from pursuing its objectives of controlling the South China Sea John is not indicated the people's over the contract has not indicated these last years that it will obey international or trans national associations is any reason to believe it would be BDN to this the C. O. C. well which I don't want to do is to water it down to make it so it is not legally enforceable it wants to have an agreement that they can put on the shelf it says Hey we're we get along great with Aussie on partners and if we're getting along great the United States needs to stay out in the United States should not be the country to destabilize the the the relationships in the maritime operations norms standards rules and laws down in the region by getting a code of conduct it has something it can hang on the wall and show the world it is it has the the model for how the region is to operate it can be can therefore push the United States backed out of the region by by saying that it has the model for how the country should operate down in the South China Sea you also indicate that there is an answer to China's aggression in Vietnam house capped well there's some interesting things going on in Vietnam right now one of the biggest things that one of the real notable things that seems to be happening is that Taiwan or Vietnam or Hanoi appears to be considering pursuing legal action against China under the United Nations convention on the law of the sea the arbitral give any seven of the un close is how they pursue it it's very similar to what the Philippines did years ago it appears what Vietnam or what annoys trying to do is to gather all the evidence to be able to put forth a case or put forth a claim trying to push back on Chinese claims down in the South China Sea and make part of Chinese queen inconsistent with international law eat are you know just the way the United States can help in a way and that is let's look at our own records perhaps we have some areas that we can contribute to the noise case we also have a lot of legal expertise and there's some areas that we should certainly be supporting Hanoi with its with its potential legal case so we'll have to see how this one plays out it may be out a few months or even years but Hanoi is certainly moving in that direction the final consideration we have a minute is Japan you mention the Senkaku is episode where white holes that would be the Chinese coast guard although they're all aspects of the P. L. A. navy deliberately provoke Japan is Japan in a position to respond captain your measure we have about a minute Japan is certainly a very strong country with Japan has learned is that China only stands up to brinkmanship so Japan will challenge China at every turn it can and one of the places doing doing that is in the same doctors every time China sends in its Coast Guard ships into the contiguous zone of the territorial waters around the Senkaku islands the Japan Coast Guard there to counter the Chinese presents it to escort those Chinese vessels so Japan is certainly in a position to push back and thank god we have the United States alliance with Japan as well that certainly help Japan in its push back to captain Christopher Sherman U. S. navy active the views are his own as a national security affairs fellow at the Stanford University Hoover Institution he served naval attache in Vietnam and China I'm John bachelor this is the John Batchelor show balance of nature's guys don't miss out on the best deal in town your Loudon county public library card it's here for you whenever and wherever you need it visit the library online to sign up for a temporary card and gain free access to all of the libraries digital resources.

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