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Of the Notre Dame fighting Irish. Traffic. It can be more stressful than that last. Second hail Mary pass. But Nissan changed the game. Nissan. Rogue has billable Nissan. Intelligent, mobility, like pro pilot assist. They can start and stop in highway traffic all on its own and help keep you Senate Nissan rogue. It's a game changer gets a Nissan proud partner of the Notre Dame fighting Irish. Pro pilot assist isn't available featuring cannot prevent collisions always monitor traffic conditions. Keep both hands on the steering wheel. See owner's manual for safety information. Welcome back to Evanston, five fifty nine left in the second quarter Notre Dame rope. Western all tied at seven San rock series is headed for New York City with Notre Dame plays host to Syracuse November seventeenth at Yankee Stadium could secure your seats by visiting Wendy dot com slash buy tickets or you can call eight hundred three and Irish compromiser Ryan Harris in the boot Jack Dolan all the field. Notre Dame defense right back on the field after three now or a short possession there by the Irish offense. The second quarter has really belong to north western. And if the offense chip long berserk dialing ups and scream passes to consecutive flips his second and third right there by the wildcat defense. If they're gonna blitz especially on the road. You wanna start using the screen game? Notre Dame did have one first down on that possession. But then punit away after the next third down. Clayton Thorson making us forty eighth consecutive start here for northwestern. Amazing in the shotgun. Moving from left to right on the near hash as three wideouts to his left, the freshman tailback Isaiah bouncer to his ripe ready for the ball as it inside kit. The bowser has across the thirty yard line dragged down at the thirty four. But on first down northwestern picks up thirteen yards tackle made by safety. Jalen Elliott, and they just follow Tommy Dole's. He pulled right to left opening up the lane.

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