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Hey there freedom fighters my name is andrew warner on the mixer g where i interview entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses and i moved to san francisco about five years ago which means i'm surrounded by not just the people who i interview but the people who work with work for invest in cetera the people who i interview in one interview and so today's guest is someone who's business i found out a little bit about from the inside my son's best friend guided an anti share worked for today's guest and i remember the highs of getting hired by app dynamics the company that you're about to find out about and then about how salt is cisco and how exciting and how things turned around and i got to hear from the inside what was working what was interesting about today's guest and so i'm bringing that along with my notes along with my research into this interview and i wanna find out from both the inside and the outside and from today's guest how he built up this company because it's a credible story his name is jody bundle he is the founder of app dynamics might know them as a company that sold to cisco for three point seven billion dollars dafur an entrepreneurial comes in from outside the country and start something brand new app dynamics does application monitoring and analytics for complex software applications that's what is business did and we're going to come up with an example to help us all understand what that means and we're also going to find out about his new business why did this guy jump into a new company so fast after selling the last one it's harness dot io his new startup is focused on automating the process of testing and deploying updates to software a practice known as continuous delivery this interview sponsored thanks to two great companies the i will on an automated way do your facebook ad buys it's called needles it's like a robo agency and the second will help you hire your next great developer it's called top towel jody good to have you here good to be here you still in san francisco i'm this is it weird that people kind of whisper behind your back or maybe to your face and see that's the guy who sold his businesses cisco for three point seven billion.

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